This Video Of A Boeing 777 Landing In A Windstorm Might Make You Scared To Fly

For me, flying has always been an enjoyable experience. I request the window seat. I kick back with a solid book or my favorite Macy Gray album. I relax, because I thoughtfully consider all the reasons not to fear any type of danger while I'm cruising the friendly skies. 

Then, I saw this video of a Boeing 777 landing during a 75 mph wind storm in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, late last week. Needless to say, my comfort level at 20,000+ feet has been sufficiently blown to shit. 

This pilot, who manages to brave the storm and avoid certain disaster for everyone onboard, definitely deserves at least three complimentary beverages on his next flight. As long as he's not behind the wheel, of course. 

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