15 Boozy Secret Santa Gifts Under Your $25 Limit

You got roped into the office Secret Santa gift exchange yet again, and have been assigned some guy named Steve from accounting who you know absolutely nothing about—apart from the fact that he downed five beers at the last company happy hour. When in doubt, a boozy themed novelty gift is a safe way to go, especially if it’s one the person would never buy for themselves. So whether you’re stumped on what to get the rando you got stuck with for Secret Santa or need something generic for a White Elephant exchange, here are 15 fun, boozy gifts under $25.

Fred and Friends

Behold RoBottle, the “wine-up robot” and “sommelier of the future.” This whimsy extra-long corkscrew may look like a kid’s toy, but it gets the job done when you need that after-work glass of vino—and a reason to smile.

Uncommon Goods

This handy tool doubles as a juicer and ice cube mold. Squeeze a lemon or lime into the tray, then freeze for naturally citrus-flavored, wedge-shaped ice cubes, perfect for instant Gin and Tonics.


Instead of breaking out the ping pong table from college and taking up all the floor space at your next party, use this adorable miniature beer pong set, complete with a catapult for launching the balls into the brews.


Take a hit of bubbly in style with the Chambong, an internet sensation that funnels Champagne right down your throat. This miniature, shot-sized version is slightly less intimidating, perfect for those that aren’t down to chug a whole glass of sparkling wine in less than five seconds.

Home Wet Bar

Imbibe under the radar at the beach or poolside with these flasks that look like sunscreen bottles. Or use them year-round everywhere from the park to the slopes; you’re supposed to lather on the SPF during the winter too after all.

Crate & Barrel

Never settle for a warm beer again with the Chillsner, a beer chiller that you freeze and slide right into the neck of the bottle. It will keep your beer cold to the very last sip, without diluting it.

Urban Outfitters

Indulge in spiked hot chocolates and decadent Irish Coffees this holiday season by making sure to include the most important ingredient: homemade whipped cream. But instead of fussing with a stand mixer, use this instant shaker that features small agitator balls to whip the cream.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Who are we kidding with individual glasses for that bottle of wine? Drink without airs with this hilarious “Waste No Time Wine Glass,” which secures onto the neck of a wine bottle for direct solo drinking.

Fred and Friends

Make sure people don’t mix up their glasses at a party with these cute drink markers, shaped like sloths in a variety of colors, that wrap around the stem of wine glasses.

Party Flasks

Forget about Slap the Bag—Christmas is all about Slap the Stocking. Santa’s Flask is a plastic wine pouch (though you can fill it with any liquid) shaped like a Christmas stocking. It’s sure to be the highlight of any Christmas party.


Just like Spin the Bottle but with less awkward consequences, each spin of the Spin the Shot game punishes (or rewards, depending on how you look at it) a player with a shot of alcohol.


Turn any beverage into an instant slushy with this innovative mug, which utilizes a frozen inner core and “Spoonstraw” to transform boring beverages into icy delights.

Urban Outfitters

Who said a game of Tic-Tac-Toe was boring? This boozy variation uses X- and O-marked shot glasses to turn the classic game into a high stakes drinking showdown.

Urban Outfitters

Relive the childhood joy of crazy straws with this shiny copper cactus cup and its knotted up sippy straw. You’ll be glad you have it when you’re trying to drink in bed without spilling.


Of all the countless novelty ice molds on the market, our favorite is this twirly mustache set, which is guaranteed to turn the drinker into a worldly, distinguished gentlemen.