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All the Booze You Can Buy by the Box

There’s really no bad time for boxed wine. (Have you ever slapped the bag with your bae on Valentine’s Day? Because we have.) There are times, however, that are even better with full-proof alcohol. In these moments, swap out that boxed wine for a box of whiskey, tequila, vodka and gin. A few brave booze brands have taken inspiration from the boxed wine craze and repackaged their spirits in bags and boxes. Maybe don’t play slap the bag with these though.

Firebox ($45)

Fireball lovers are a passionate bunch. If you’re hosting a party for fellow fanatics of cinnamon-flavored whisky, make the festivity truly lit with the massive box of Fireball known as Firebox. Emblazoned with Fireball’s fire-breathing mascot, the box will immediately attract attention from everyone in the room, but with 3.5 liters in this XL box, you don’t have to worry about running out too quickly. Plus, there’s something simply magical about dispensing shots of sweet ‘n’ spicy whisky from a spigot.

Griffon Vault Vodka ($15)

Griffon Vodka, which you can pick up for the cost of lunch, really is the ultimate party hack for lazy hosts. The box format perfectly fits the super chill spirit, which is definitely how you should serve Griffon’s box o’ booze. Pop the entire thing in the freezer before a shindig, then allow guests to dispense their own icy vodka into mixers of their choice. Or leave it in the freezer and pour out a shot whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Black Box Spirits ($25)

While nice bottles of whiskey, vodka or tequila deserve the royal treatment, there’s no need to be too precious about Black Box’s take on the spirits. After finding success with its boxed wines, the company made the jump into hard alcohol with a trio of boxes to satisfy all palates. While we wouldn’t suggest mixing fancy cocktails with these basic boxes, Black Box booze makes it easy to pull shots whenever you gather your pals.

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Pinkster Gin (£135.00)

If you love all things pink (and can back up that love with a thick wallet), spring for Pinkster’s 3-liter box of colorful gin, which retails at about $180. The gin-heads over in England infuse the liquid with fresh raspberries, bringing bright fruity flavor and a lovely tint to the gin. The brand even says the box promotes sustainable drinking by doing away with environmentally unfriendly glass packaging. Whether you buy that line or not, if you can afford to buy Pinkster, there’s no better way to show your oddly specific devotion to fruit-infused spirits dispensed from bright pink boxes.