Breitling Brought A Jet To Times Square, Locals And Tourists Rejoiced

Published On 06/09/2015 Published On 06/09/2015

Times Square is the LED-drenched core of the Big Apple—for better or worse, it's the metaphorical center of the city. So naturally, there's a lot to see: second-rate costumed characters, Ogre-sized advertisements, run-of-the-mill crazy people, and on days like yesterday, a freakin' L-39 C Albatross jet.

Breitling, makers of some of the highest quality watches in the world, and patrons of astronauts and aerobatic jet pilots, brought their celebrated flight team and an actual jet to the "crossroads of the world," and we were there to witness it. 

Cole Saladino

Unfortunately, local authorities wouldn't allow the Breitling squad to land in the middle of the tourist mecca. So they had to wheel it in. Thanks a lot, Obama. 

Cole Saladino

Pictured here is the Breitling jet team, the world's largest professional civilian flight team performing on jets. Just 10 days ago, they were flying over downtown Manhattan, exhibiting their sky-high skill sets.

Cole Saladino 

Team leader and manager Jacques Bothelin was just as excited as the crowd of spectators that began filing around the jet. "For a guy from France like me, being able to fly over the World Trade Center, then to be here in Time Square with a jet and my team is a magical feeling. I really can't believe it," he told me. 

Cole Saladino

One thing is certain, Breitling is an essential tool for Jacques and his team, on the ground and in the air. "I was a big fan of Breitling watches before I even flew for them," Bothelin said, displaying his own timepiece, a custom Chronomat 44, made to celebrate the jet team's American tour. "It's ideal for flying. It's very visible, easily readable, and has always been reliable in my experience. When my hand is on the throttle, just a glance can tell me everything I need. It's strong, too. There's a lot it can do for me while I'm flying."

Cole Saladino

If you missed the show in Times Square, you can catch the Breitling jet team across the USA this summer, as they tour the country performing stunts, doing fly-bys, and generally inspiring awe in all of us ground-dwellers. 

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer at Supercompressor. Follow him @WilFulton

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