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Why Cancers Make the Best Drinking Buddies

Mark Yocca / Supercall

The caring, creative Cancer loves to go out and have a good time. And they have certain characteristics that make them excellent cocktail comrades. Here are all the reasons why Cancers make the best drinking buddies.

They Prize Creativity

You’ll find that a lot of Cancers work in a creative field because it’s what they love most. And if they don’t, you better believe creating is part of their regular extracurricular activities. This means that the water sign has a keen eye for style and design, so they almost always judge a book by its cover. But before you say that’s a bad thing, know that Cancers will take you to the most beautiful spaces with only the coolest, most innovative drinks. They’d be bored to death any other way.

They Take Their Time

While some signs in the zodiac take great pleasure in drinking as much as they can in as little time as possible (cough, looking at you, Capricorn), the Cancer takes great pleasure in savoring their libations. They’re not interested in chugging beers or taking shots—they much prefer a stiff Martini served with a sidecar on ice. They won’t rush you, and you’ll never feel like you have to play catch up with them. If you’re looking to sip on fine cocktails and engage in compelling conversation, call up a Cancer to be your drinking mate for the evening.

They Know All the Under-the-Radar Places

Cancers are great conversationalists once you get to know them, but they start out quiet. Because of their introverted personalities, Cancers prefer dark, quiet bars over rowdy, overcrowded watering holes. So they know about all the best speakeasies in town and will let you in on their secret spots if you go out drinking with them. Whether it’s a true speakeasy or simply a clandestine gem that’s managed to stay out of the media spotlight, they know all of the best hidden bars.

They Aren’t Afraid to Take Risks

Drinking with a Cancer is fun because they are always living in the moment. And when it comes to risk taking, they almost always listen to their hearts rather than their heads. They’re smart, so while their choices are rash they are also fairly sane (not all the time, though, and that’s fun too). This is why Cancers enjoy somewhat risky drinking games like Stump—which involves throwing hammers and slamming nails. This translates to cocktail menus as well. If the Cancer sees a new and exciting drink with unfamiliar ingredients, they’ll likely order it and urge you to try a sip.

They Don’t Need a Babysitter

We’re not saying that Cancers never overdo it—they’re known to let loose and get really wild now and then. But more often than not, Cancers aren’t falling over or slurring their words at the end of the night. This water sign likes to be in control, and drinking too much can make them feel uneasy, both physically and mentally. When you go out boozing with a Cancer, you can expect them to be a reliable partner in crime who’ll remember (almost) everything the next day.