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Why Capricorns Make the Best Drinking Buddies

If a drinking buddy isn’t dependable, they’re not really a drinking buddy—they’re more like a drinker who you sometimes see at the local watering hole. That’s what makes Capricorns the ideal sign to hit the bar with you. Dependable, driven and absolutely committed to the task at hand (whether it be helping finish a Scorpion Bowl or killing the competition at a drinking game), Capricorns will follow through on your drinking plans and, chances are, they’ll make your night a whole lot better, too. If you want a great night out with a solid drinking friend, find someone who was born between December 22 and January 19.

They Kill It at Team Drinking Games

You don’t want to find yourself opposite a Capricorn in any bar game because they’re extremely competitive. But having the goat sign by your side—say, in a team-based activity like Flip Cup or Beer Pong—is a quick path to drinking game glory.

They’ll Fight Through a Crowd for a Drink

When the bar is three-deep, you want a Capricorn to take you by the hand and bulldoze through the crowd. Always up for a challenge and unwilling to accept failure, a stubborn Cap will never turn away from a preferred watering hole just because it’s popping off. They’ll head straight for the bar no matter who is in the way. Just keep your head down and follow them like an NFL blocker. You’ll be at the bar ordering your drink in no time.

They’ll Help Find (and Maybe Buy You) the Best Bottles

Capricorns can be a bit snobbish and condescending when it comes to areas of expertise. So if you find one who likes to drink, chances are they have committed hard to learning everything they can about booze—if only to lord their expertise over others. Use this to your advantage. Go to them for advice, which they’ll happily provide, and cozy up around gift-giving holidays. You can be sure a Capricorn will get you something esoteric that they can explain while the two of you drink it up together.

They’ll Help You Get Home in a Pinch

Tonight’s not your night. You had a bit too much to drink, and now the floor insists on sporadically swinging up towards your face. It’s all good, though, because your Capricorn bestie is here to save the day. Capricorns pride themselves on being responsible and stable, both traits that come in handy when you need someone to lean on as you stumble home.

They’ll Party with Your Fam

Capricorns take family seriously. They respect traditions and value togetherness. This means they’ll always be a solid invite should you need back-up at a family gathering. Your buddy Capricorn can take some of your parents’ or siblings’ attention off you, wooing your relatives with stories and lending a helping hand in making that infamous family punch.

They’ll Pick Up the Tab

If you can drag a workaholic Capricorn away from their desk where they work 80 hours a week out of sheer determination, they’ll likely have enough coin to drop on your bar tab. Working your way up the corporate ladder has its perks—but drinking with someone who is working their way up the ladder has even greater perks at zero cost to your own highly chill schedule.