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Tell Us Your Favorite Cocktail and We’ll Tell You Your Celebrity Drinking Buddy


Stars: They drink just like us. No really, they do. Even the highest paid actress in the world or the best-selling author in history calls for the same drinks you do. The only difference is that they might just get served a little quicker than you. And if you want to know which celebrity shares your precise cocktail proclivities, we’ve got the answers.

If your go-to is an Aperol Spritz…

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Then you’ll be sharing a drink with Benedict Cumberbatch. The ever-charming Sherlock star said he finds the spritz “really refreshing … [and] not too sweet.” And he probably said it in that damn charming accent of his.  

If your go-to is a Piña Colada

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Then you’ve got the same order as Jennifer Lawrence. She told Access Hollywood that she liked them so much she wanted a Piña Colada tap for her table at the Golden Globes. You two will have such wonderful brain freezes together.

If your go-to is a Paloma

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Then Dwayne Johnson is your drinking buddy. The artist formerly known as The Rock has counted tequila as his secret for everything from his slightly too shiny skin to his melodious singing voice in Moana. And while he hasn’t namechecked the Paloma specifically, if you’re drinking tequila, you’ve definitely had a few of them.

If your go-to is Moscow Mule

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Then yooooooooouuuuu’re driiiiiiinkiiiiiing wiiiiiith Opraaaaaaaaaaah. Perhaps a bit late to the modern cocktail renaissance, Oprah didn’t discover her love of vodka, ginger beer and copper mugs until 2011. Better late than never.

If your go-to is a Whiskey Highball

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Then you’d be sharing a drink with Winston Churchill. At least you would be if he wasn’t dead. Britain’s most famous prime minister (sorry, William Pitt the Younger) was well known for sipping a Whiskey Highball slowly throughout the morning. Since you can’t belly up to a bar with Churchill himself, ask the bartender to stream John Lithgow in The Queen and imagine what it would be like.  

If your go-to is a Gin & Tonic

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Then you and Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling have something in common. She’s probably gotten tipsy on Butterbeer at a Potter premiere or two, but left to her own devices, a G&T is her drink of choice. Make even better friends with her by telling her what gin she should be using.

If your go-to is a Margarita…

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Then you’re ordering alongside Jennifer Aniston. America’s sweetheart actually used the word “yummy” to describe tequila, which … well … tequila is many wonderful things, but “yummy” isn’t a common descriptor. But both you and Jen clearly love Margaritas. The question is: Do you like yours with a “squinch” of Cointreau?

If your go-to is a Scotch

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Then Nick Offerman is your man. To ring in New Years, the man was recorded enjoying some scotch in an hour-long video. His preferred state seems to be silently sipping, so the conversation between you two may not be sparkling, perhaps that’s just as well. Why talk when there’s whisky to be had?

If your go-to is a Vodka Soda

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Then you’ll be imbibing with Chris Hemsworth. According to a (surprisingly long) Q&A with GQ, he once told someone he loved the basic cocktail, and that person responded by saying, “Tell me when you want a real drink.” Feel good about yourself knowing that you’ll never be that rude to Thor.

If your go-to is a Whiskey Sour

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Then it’s you and Aziz Ansari forever. The man knows his food and he knows his drinks. And on more than one occasion he’s professed his love for the Gold Rush, a slight variation on a Whiskey Sour made with honey syrup.