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The Chambong Is the Drinking Gadget You Never Knew You Needed

Courtesy of Chambong

Has this ever happened to you? You pop open a bottle of bubbly and look around the room for a glass, but all you have are a bunch of boring old, slow-drinking flutes (snore). You look back at your uncorked bottle and think, “There has to be a better way!” Behold, the Chambong! A totally insane way to glug down your bubbly in record time.

According to Chambong lore (aka the “about” section of the Chambong website), the inventors first came up with the vessel while they were actually trying to build a massive marijuana pipe. The prototype failed when it came to smoking, but it turned out to be a very efficient way to consume booze—specifically, sparkling wine. Thus, the Chambong was born, and New Year’s Eve was never the same again.

Courtesy of Chambong

The Chambong delivers the nostalgia of college parties with the air of craft sophistication. “There’s something very fun and playful about getting to experience those ridiculous ‘college age’ rituals (e.g. beer bongs) in the next-level stage of life,” says Chambong CEO Randy Leslein. “Culturally, our people just get it, and all the irony that it encompasses. There’s something very awesome about stripping away the pretentious associations of Champagne and being like, ‘my classy ass is gonna bong this shit in one fell swoop,’ as a sort of ‘f*ck you’ to the idea of Champagne as a rich person’s possession.”   

Here’s how it works: You tilt the Chambong until the flute and the stem form a V-shape. Then, you or a buddy carefully pours bubbly into the flute. Finally, you slip the stem into your mouth, tip the vessel up, and enjoy the stream of sparkling pouring down your throat. Essentially, it’s a fancy beer bong you can operate all by yourself (though we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re very confident in your pouring skills and your social status as solo drinker). “There’s a magical feeling you get after you do a Chambong,” Leslein says. “As a group experience, there’s a ritualistic aspect that just feels so warm and welcoming—but also, just having six ounces of bubbly hitting you all at once makes you feel the most sparkly buzz ever.”

The O.G. blown-glass Chambong is currently available to order as a one-off ($20), in a two-pack ($35), or in miniature form ($25 for 2). Or you can get durable, acrylic Chambongs (5 for $45 or 50 for $250) for Chambong-ing in the great outdoors. If you really want to live that Chambong life, the site also offers a wooden Chambong stand ($10), so you can display your booze-funneling works of art, as well as T-shirts, and beer and wine koozies.

If you feel like trying out a Chambong before you buy, there are bars that offer the vessel up on the menu, like The Riddler in San Francisco, Giulietta’s Cantina Club in NYC (which apparently refers to itself as the “Home of the Chambong”) and Gold Diggers in Las Vegas. Leslein believes that the Chambong will pop up in more bars across the country as Instagram culture continues to spread, but doubts it’ll ever go completely mainstream. “If I ever walked into some Buffalo Wild Wings and saw a Chambong going on, I think I may want to kill myself,” he says. “I’d rather it stay cool and be associated with cool people and places.”