Best Champagne Fails Caught on Video

Opening a bottle of Champagne (or any sparkling wine) can be a dangerous endeavor. The pressure in a bottle of bubbly is three times that of a car tire, which means the cork can explode out like a bullet. Chances are that you won’t shoot your eye out (though that’s not unheard of), but you could certainly peg someone in a sensitive area or break your favorite vase. Before your next Champagne-soaked party, watch these videos. Not only will they make you laugh, but they will show you every way that opening a bottle of bubbly can possibly go wrong—and hopefully help you avoid disaster.

When you waste a perfectly good bottle of Veuve and ruin your shirt at the same time.

When everything comes crashing down in the blink of an eye.

When it’s obvious that you’ve never opened a bottle of bubbly before.

She meant to do that.

You know you’re not supposed to drink it that way right?

A great example of how not to saber a bottle of Champagne

When you almost blind your girl popping that bottle.

When not one, but two newscasters fail to saber a bottle of Champagne.