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How to Stock Your Bar at Whole Foods for Cheap

Anyone who says that Whole Foods is too expensive has never shopped their private label brand 365. Not only are the products high quality, but the prices are more than right. And now that Amazon has purchased the organic food retailer, you can expect costs to be slashed even more. We’re always looking for deals when stocking our home bars, so we scoured the shelves to find the best 365 products for all cocktail-making needs. These prices are based on a New York store, so prices might vary (read: be cheaper) depending on where you live.

Heavy Cream ($3.39)

Winter is coming, and it’s bringing along cocktails that require ingredients like rich, viscous heavy cream. Use it to make drinks that double as desserts like a classic Brandy Alexander or a holiday-ready White Chocolate Grasshopper.

Organic Lite Coconut Milk ($2.29)

Avid tropical drink fans should have coconut milk stocked at all times so they can whip up libations like the Chipotle Tequila Colada. Whole Foods’ lite version is perfect for anyone looking for a healthier way to cut calories and still enjoy delicious coconut milk.

Organic Lemonade ($2.99)

It’s easy to spike your lemonade with a little vodka, but you can also use the mixer in more grown-up versions like this Lavender Shochu Lemonade. Or mix it with rum and juice for a beach-ready punch to serve a crowd.

Organic Tomato Juice ($2.69)

There are tons of great ways to make a Bloody Mary, and they all start with quality tomato juice. This savory organic bottle is the next best thing to squeezing the tomatoes into a pitcher of Bloodys yourself.

Buona Giornata Italian Roast ($9.99)

Folgers had it all wrong. The best part of waking up is a coffee cocktail in your cup. These quality beans will provide you with the morning jolt—or necessary hair of the dog relief—you need after a night out.

Cinnamon Sticks ($2.99)

Cinnamon sticks are used in all kinds of cocktails like party punches, Hot Toddys and even elaborately garnished tiki drinks. Keep a few sticks handy on your home bar, and you’ll always have a quick upgrade on hand.

Ginger Ale ($2.99)

Tall, refreshing drinks like the Gin Buck and Horse’s Neck call for spicy ginger ale. And Whole Foods’ brand isn’t just great for cocktails; it’s tasty enough to sip solo as well.

Vanilla Ice Cream ($5.99)

We love a boozy milkshake, and vanilla ice cream is perfect for spiking indulgent sweet treats. Use it to make this rosé wine granita if you need a crowd-pleasing dinner party dessert.

100-Percent Pulp Free Coconut Water ($1.99)

Not only is this coconut water great in tropical libations like our Enter the Dragon Fruit, but it also helps cure even the gnarliest of hangovers in our DIY Electrolyte drink. Stock up on all the coconut water you can find, and thank us later.

Organic Cane Sugar ($7.49)

Required for making everything from your own simple syrup to homemade boozy popsicles, sugar is an eternal staple in a cocktail enthusiast’s pantry. You never know when you’re going to need to sweeten an incomplete cocktail with a pinch of sugar.