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Cocktail Glasses Gone Wild

There was a time when cocktails were served only in the most mundane glassware. Coupes, Martini glasses, flutes—how blah. Then came the tiki movement, which not only turned the cocktail movement on its head, but also occasionally called for serving cocktails in heads—albeit shrunken, ceramic ones. Now, bars are taking glassware even further, going way beyond pineapples and totem mugs. They’re serving their drinks in bonkers items like light bulbs, beakers and even former prime ministers’ heads. Here, some of the strangest glasses we found on the internet:

Margaret Thatcher’s Head

Maggies for @maggies_club #cocktail mugs #madeinhackney

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Maggie’s in London serves a fruity tiki cocktail in a custom mug shaped like former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s head. It’s terrifying to say the least.

Cocktail Hits From The Bong

House of Brews on the Gold Coast appropriately serves their Purple Haze cocktail in a giant bong—smoke (created with dry ice) included.

Lab Beakers


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Baa Bar in Liverpool recognizes the noble science that is mixology with their line of high-concept cocktails served in beakers.

Take-Out Box Cocktail

#51 - Gin, Plum & Greengage jam, Ginger, Matcha tea finished with mapled bacon noodles. Yep.

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London’s ever-eccentric Cocktail Trading Co serves its drinks in a range of whimsical vessels from a rain boot to a tin can to a Chinese take-out container.

The Soup Bowl

This wins #philkhallins

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The Phil Khallins, a spirited spin on the Thai staple Tom Kha soup, is served in a soup bowl at Mission Chinese in New York City. All the better for slurping down. 

Das Boot

Traditionally seen in German beer houses, the glass boot is now showing up in cocktail bars. Brooklyn’s Grand Army Bar uses das boot for a variety of drinks. A word to the wise: Don’t try to chug them like you might a kölsch.

The Honey Bear


Chavez y Chavez - scotch, bourbon, allspice, cynar, palmetto honey, lemon #NewMenu #tbirdindy

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It’s hard to resist the cuteness of this innocent looking cocktail served in the iconic honey bear at Indianapolis’s Thunderbird. But beware—made with scotch, bourbon and Cynar, the Chavez y Chavez packs a punch.  

A Lightbulb

When cartoon characters get ideas, light bulbs appear above their heads. When bartenders get ideas, cocktails appear in their light bulbs. At least, that was the case at New York City’s comedy club/craft cocktail bar, The Standing Room.