The Sexiest Drinks for Women to Order, According to Men (and Women)

The bar may be a go-to hotspot for singles, but cheesy pickup lines will only get you so far—your drink order makes the first impression on your prospective suitors, so if sealing the deal is your ultimate goal, it’s important that you nail it. After discovering the sexiest drinks for men to order, we asked men and women what drink they find most attractive for a woman to order at the bar. Here’s what they had to say.


“A bourbon or scotch neat. That woman knows what she wants, cares about what she drinks and doesn’t mess around.” — Will V.

Whiskey neat, of course. It’s strong and shows independence and bad assery." — Max S.

“Scotch. Neat or with a water back—but like real Scotch whisky, not a blend. Nothing is more elegantly rugged and sexy than a woman whose go-to call is a hefty pour of something like a Lagavulin, a Speyside or obscure single malt.” — Dillon M.

“I'm always impressed with whiskey on the rocks. Anything straight is badass." — Alexandra S.


“An IPA, because it’s a pretty low-maintenance order and it shows more dignity and choice involved than a sh*tty run of the mill lager or light beer.” — Schuyler P.

“A beer—and I don't mean any of that IPA bullsh*t. A girl who drinks sh*tty beer, which I also drink, is my favorite thing ever. I like to go back and forth buying drinks, and it makes me feel more confident when I'm not counting quarters to get a girl a crazy cocktail or some kind of high-end liquor. It just shows that she's down to earth and doesn't take things too seriously.” — Molly G.

Classic Cocktails

“A Vesper. Everyone orders a vodka cocktail, so graduating to something different and more complex is really sexy. Plus, you remember the woman who ordered something, anything, different.” — Scott L.

“A Gin & Tonic because it’ll leave a nice taste for when I kiss her later.” — Chris T. [Editor’s note: shudder.]

“Any classic cocktail off-menu because it shows she knows what she likes, especially if she calls a specific bottle.” — Nicholas M.

Whatever She Damn Well Pleases

“The sexiest drink a woman can order? Whatever the hell she wants to drink. Sexy is someone with enough self-confidence to not give a good goddamn what I think about their order.” — Dylan G.