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The 22 Funniest Bar Names in America

A great bar name goes a long way. It can pull in customers just as well as a funny sign or a killer happy hour deal, but it also allows a bar’s personality to shine. It will give you a taste of the bar experience before you step inside, whether you’re in for a relaxing afternoon cocktail or late, boisterous night. So we dug up the best, funniest and all around weirdest bar names in America. Let them inspire your next Saturday night.

The Tipsy Cow, Madison, WI

We bet the owners of The Tipsy Cow tipped their fair share of bovine back in the day, but at this Wisconsin bar (which serves a great burger, by the way), it’s the patrons who end up tipsy. Just remember to tip your bartender, too.

Madam's Organ, Washington D.C.

Despite the not-so-subtle caricature adorning the wall, the “organ” in Madam’s Organ could very well refer to the bar’s nightly live blues performances. If you don’t buy that, consider how fun it is to say the name along with its location, the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

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Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, Philadelphia, PA

Is it Ray’s birthday? Is it ours? Do we get anything for free if we go there on our birthdays? We have so many questions.

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Mongoose Versus Cobra, Houston, TX

You may have seen a mongoose and a cobra duke it out on a nature show (if not, go watch that right now), but the bartenders and customers at this Texas bar are a lot more congenial than the blood enemies for which it’s named. Still, the bar leans into its weird personality—just check out the rant section on their website.

Olive or Twist, Pittsburgh, PA

We know a thing or two about puns over here at Supercall—just look at the names of our recipes—but we have to give respect to the good Pittsburghers for this one, which beats other bars with literary references like Tequila Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye and the dearly departed Fear and Loathing in Dundee.

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The Smog Cutter, Los Angeles, CA

While the classic tiki Fog Cutter might be appropriate for Trader Vic’s home outside of foggy San Francisco, the rhyming relative seems perfect for smoggy L.A., home to both this punny bar and the original Don the Beachcomber. While the bar honors the city’s tiki past, don’t expect Scorpion Bowls from this no-nonsense dive.

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Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge, New Orleans, LA

Whatever you’re imagining when you hear the name Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge, the real bar is so much more. The exterior could generously be described as a shack—worthy of the name Snake and Jake’s—while the inside is decorated with bright red Christmas lights, fitting of the bar’s former personality as The Christmas Lounge, which was helmed by a guy named Sam Christmas. The mashup is strangely beautiful.

Wish You Were Beer, Madison, AL

Sometimes you want to gather friends and family just to enjoy the company of people you love in a bar. Other times you want to sit and contemplate a beer in a tasting room—no fuss, just beer—and maybe a soundtrack to complement your alone time.

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Otto’s Shrunken Head, New York, NY

Watch yourself in this NYC tiki lounge or you might leave with a reduced noggin. This rock’n’roll, city-slicker take on a tiki bar is worth visiting if you want to get weird. Plus, you can walk out with your tiki mug as a souvenir.

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La Merde, Portland, OR

Win trivia night at this Portland bar and get a shirt that reads, “I was 'The Shit' at Trivia Night." We’re not at all surprised this place exists in Portland.

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Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge, Houston, TX

“O Captain! My captain!” While this Houston bar is mostly known as Bad News Bar, a drink here is anything but.

The Red, White, and Brew; Various Locations

A number of establishments pun up our nation’s colors and get us in the mood for patriotic drinking. In true American spirit, we hope all of them proclaim, “We’re No. 1!” You’re all No. 1 in our book, guys.

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Lee Harvey’s, Dallas, TX

Dark humorists only at this Texas bar. Owner Seth Smith insists that enough time has passed for the good people of Dallas to take a friendly jab at the city’s assassination reputation. But if you’re still too offended to attend a live gig or throw back a cold one at this relaxed bar, Smith points out, “It’s not Lee Harvey Oswald. It could be Lee Harvey Johnson.” Stick to your guns, Smith.

Brews Brothers, Galveston, TX

Honestly, we’re a little disappointed Brews Brothers isn’t in Chicago, but we won’t hold it against this Texas island bar.

Jumbo’s Clown Room, Los Angeles, CA

There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding the name of this Hollywood bar and strip club. It may have been started by an ex-clown named Jumbo Jack. Or maybe it’s just a catchy moniker to draw in curious patrons. Either way, this is a weird spot worth visiting for the name alone.

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Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge and Tiki Garden, Minneapolis, MN

According to Suzi’s backstory, the fictional matron of this bar was shipwrecked, went insane and returned to Minneapolis to open a tiki bar for tattooed bikers and their ilk. We want to party with her, but we’re also kind of scared of her, which makes it that much more enticing.

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Neil’s Bahr, Houston, TX

You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner to get the joke here, though it would probably help during the bar’s trivia night. The place is filled with nerdy references, from a neon Star Wars sign to a Dr. Who police box to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters to stacks of retro video games.

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Bubba's Sulky Lounge, Portland, ME

This Portland mainstay is decorated with knickknacks like taxidermy, vintage lunchboxes and barber shop equipment, but it’s the light-up dancefloor that keeps people coming back to boogie weekend after weekend.

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Grumpy’s Goat Shack, Victor, ID

This small town bar’s name is funny simply because of how spot on it is. It is definitely a shack. And there are in fact goats, which are penned into a field in the back where the kiddies can pet them. This is a ridiculous concept for a bar, and we are so happy it exists.

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The Pastry War, Houston, TX

The name of this Houston venue is kind of like an inside joke—it’s only funny when you know the backstory. There was a real Pastry War—or a minor military squabble—fought in 1838 between France and Mexico after Mexican officials destroyed a French bakery. History is ridiculous.

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Gowanus Yacht Club, Brooklyn, NY

You cannot sail a yacht on the Gowanus. Heck, you shouldn’t sail any boat there for fear the disgusting, toxic sludge-filled canal might actually corrode your hull. This yacht club is more of a no-nonsense, al fresco bar that offers a solid selection of beers on tap and fried food far enough away from the actual Gowanus that you don’t smell the river’s stench.

The Library Sports Bar, Oxford, MS

This bar name is half correct. It is an actual sports bar. But, as far as we can tell, there are no books in sight. Maybe the owners just wanted it to seem more Oxford appropriate? Wrong Oxford, owners.