The 7 Drinks That Will Flood Your Instagram This Summer

With spring coming to a close, we can finally say goodbye to the Unicorn Frappuccino, mermaid lattes and all the other mythologically-themed treats that took over our screens. They’re officially over, and new (better) drinks are poised to take their spots. These seven drinks are gaining major traction on Instagram, so stay ahead of the curve by snapping pictures of them before they become too basic.


40-Ounce Rosé

It may just be plain ol’ rosé, but its over-the-top, 40-oz packaging is turning it into an online star. At just $16 each, rosé 40s are a great value, perfect for summer barbecues and photo ready. The bottle’s ridiculously huge size looks comically large in average-sized hands, making for a hilarious Instagram that’ll show you can #roséallday with just one bottle.

Popsicle Cocktails

Last year was all about plopping popsicles into glasses of prosecco for wine-soaked treats. This year, bars are taking it a step further by offering popsicle-garnished cocktails. These eye-catching drinks combine nostalgia with indulgence, and their bright colors are sure to rake in the likes. From The Rustic’s Rimy Rita in Dallas to the Cosmologic at Monnalisa Bar in Houston, popsicle-tails are here to take on the summer heat.

Frozen Moscow Mules

Frosé had its moment, but now the country is looking for something a little bit boozier. While a wide variety of frozen cocktails are cropping up across the ‘gram, it looks like the Frozen Moscow Mule will take this year’s throne. They’re appearing everywhere from STK Midtown (one of the main purveyors of frosé last summer) in New York to Grato in West Palm Beach, Florida. With its signature copper mug, made even frostier by the extra-icy beverage, this Instagrammable cocktail is ready to take over.

Blue Prosecco

Though it’s not making Italians happy, Blumond blue prosecco is taking the internet by storm. Infused with blue curaçao and peach flavors, this blue wine was seemingly created with Instagram in mind. It makes for a stunning, monochromatic snap against a bright blue sky, sparkling swimming pool or ocean background. It’s now available in the U.S., well-ahead of the long-awaited Gik Blue Wine, just in time for the summer snaps.

Pisco Sour Variations

Thanks to the Rio Olympics last year, caçacha and its signature cocktail, the Caipirinha, are bigger than ever in the U.S. This year, though, it’s pisco’s turn. Last summer proved that people are ready for South American spirits, and bartenders are embracing that with Pisco Sour variations. Expect colorful takes on the Peruvian beverage—like the pink PPP (pisco, pomegranate and peppercorn) at NYC’s Ousia—to sweep both bars and your social feed this summer.   

Canned Wine

We’ve graduated from boxed wine and moved on to the slightly classier canned wine. Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines, which come in sparkling white and rosé flavors and summery pastel packaging, are available for only $4 per four-pack. Meanwhile, Union Wine Company is capitalizing on the trend by offering a lucky Instagram influencer the job of “Canbassador,” who will be tasked with promoting their canned wine from a mobile, vintage van all summer.

Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream

While not an actual drink, this booze-infused ice cream has enough alcohol in it to get you feeling, well, tipsy. After years as a successful retail operation, Tipsy Scoop recently opened a much-hyped, brick-and-mortar location in New York, offering cocktail-inspired cones and sample shooter flights. Much like the trendy cookie dough and Black Tap milkshakes before it, people are lining up to get their hands on these liquored-up desserts. Get your Instagram in before the season is over—your Insta-story documenting your time spent waiting in line is just part of the fun.