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The 7 Most Extreme Drinking Games Ever Invented

There are drinking games, and then there are extreme drinking sports. These intense endeavors take basic frat house staples like beer pong and flip cup to a whole new level, pitting players against the elements, machines and even the dreaded Slip ‘N Slide. As beast as you might be at entry level beer pong, you’ve never experienced drinking competitions like these.

Basketball Beer Pong

It’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the college years. Basketball beer pong super-sizes the frat classic by swapping ping pong balls for basketballs and Solo cups for trash cans. Since no one can be expected to chug from a glass so big they could take a bath in it, the game is best played with standardized side cups, which drinkers down every time an oversized shot is sunk, as demonstrated by Jimmy Fallon and Jane Fonda.

Football Pong

If football is more your speed, the massive drinking game works just as well on a field in football pong.

“Football” Pong

Oh, sorry, you thought we meant American football. That exists too.

Roomba Pong

Jimmy Fallon has never met an internet drinking game trend he didn’t love, so of course he demonstrated Roomba pong as well. This one is a bit easier to play at home, as long as you have a few Roomba vacuums scurrying around. Attaching Solo cups to the automated little devils creates slow-but-random moving targets. Bonus: You’re cleaning as your drinking.

Underwater Pong

Anyone can set up a floating beer pong table, but only true adventurers look beyond the water’s surface to find the extreme drinking game possibilities that lie beneath. These brave drinkers used weighted vests to explore the deep of their pool for a game of underwater pong and created something truly beautiful. We just hope they remembered to finish their beers before submerging them in the chlorinated depths.  

Slip ‘N Slide Flip Cup

Slip ‘N Flip combines your favorite childhood activity with your favorite college activity. Competitors fling themselves down the backyard slide, then race to the table to begin drinking and flipping. Much like spinning before attempting to pin the tail on the donkey, the Slip ‘N Slide disorients players before they even reach the table, adding a healthy layer of challenge to the otherwise sedentary game. The catchy name alone demands this extreme game to become more popular.

Beer Relay

The standard Beer Mile is tricky enough, combining physical prowess with drinking prowess, but that version only requires you drink four beers and run one mile. The best times in the four-minute range are impressive even by standard mile runs, but the competition is nothing compared to a long-distance Beer Relay. Laps take place around a 5K off-road trail, and teams of runners compete over the span of two hours. Extreme as it is, this boozy cross-country race pales in comparison to Kastenlauf, a classic German variation that requires runners bring a cooler-full of beer along for their run, drinking as they carry it to the finish line.