The 15 Craziest Ways to Serve a Drink

From coupe glasses to tiki mugs, there are plenty of traditional glasses to choose from when creating a cocktail, and they all have their time and place depending on the drink in question. But some bartenders are choosing to shun expected glassware in favor of drinking vessels that are a little more exciting. Here are 15 ways that bartenders around the world are getting creative when serving their drinks.

Talk about a lightbulb moment—this cocktail is illuminating. (We’ll see ourselves out.)

Lowball cocktails taste even better with mini scenescapes.

Splish splash I was… drinking a Martini?

Here’s to taking the Prairie Oyster literally.

Tiki haven Three Dots and a Dash dives in with a scuba helmet and liquid nitrogen.

You can drink straight out of a can...

...or an ice cube.

No glass required.

When pipe dreams really do come true.

Don’t worry, Jaws won’t bite.

We’ve got disco fever.

Locked inside your heart-shaped… glass?

Melt away with this popsicle bubble.

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but we like it.

When all else fails, order an IV.