4 Reasons the Cosmopolitan Is an Underrated Cocktail

By Andrei Mayatnik / Shutterstock

We’re sorry that Sex and the City ruined your opinion of the Cosmopolitan—but it’s time that you gave the classic sour another chance. Created during the cocktail dark ages of the late 1980s, the Cosmopolitan was one of the first cocktails to usher in the craft cocktail movement. With just four ingredients—vodka, fresh lime juice, cranberry and Cointreau—the drink is as simple to make as it is delicious to drink. If you’re still having doubts about the drink’s greatness, let us educate you a little further on why the Cosmo is one of the most underrated classic cocktails. If you still need convincing after reading, simply make yourself one and you’ll have all the proof that you need.

It Is a Better Drink Than You Think It Is

It might be due to its lively pink hue or the super-saccharine bastardizations that have come about since it’s creation, or it might be because you got turned off to Sex and the City when everyone kept telling you that you were the Charlotte. Regardless of the reason, the Cosmopolitan has a deep-rooted stigma attached to it. Most men are afraid to order one, and a majority of bartenders scoff at making them. All that needs to change. When made correctly—as per the original recipe created by New York bartender Toby Cecchini—the cocktail is actually quite delicious. Like a fruity, vodka-based Daiquiri, one Cosmopolitan is never enough.

It’s Drinkable Year Round

Vivacious on the palate, the Cosmopolitan is tart, refreshing and highly quaffable all year round. The vibrancy of the fresh lime juice translates well to sun drenched summer days—when you need a thirst-quenching tipple—and the drink’s tart savoriness (from the cranberry juice) is the perfect accompaniment for the heavier, rich and fatty meals eaten during the Fall and Winter.

It’s One of the Few Great, Naturally Pink Cocktails

It’s harder to find cocktails—and alcohol—that is naturally pink than you may think. Unless you’re spiking all of your cocktails with a splash of rosé (or pink tequila), most pink-ish cocktails get their vibrant hues from artificial coloring. A Cosmo is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Thanks to cranberry juice, the refreshing tipple has an all-natural pink hue that is unrivaled in the cocktail world. Millennials take note—this underrated cocktail gem is the real deal.

It’s Essentially a Margarita

Made with vodka, fresh lime juice, Cointreau and cranberry juice, the Cosmopolitan is essentially the love child of a Margarita and a Vodka Cran. If you’re a devoted fan of either cocktail—especially the Margarita—you should give the Cosmopolitan another try. The drink marries the best of both drinks: It’s layered, brightly acidic and refreshingly complex. If you have a disdain for vodka, just ask your bartender for a blanco tequila at the base, and the drink instantly becomes a Margarita with a splash of cran—served up.