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8 Couples Drinking Games for Sad, Friendless Couples

Just because you lost your friends to babies and PTA meetings and the no-man’s land that is suburbia doesn’t mean you and your significant other can’t have some good, old-fashioned, college-style drinking fun. You don’t need those losers with their stable lives and 10 p.m. bedtimes to play drinking games, you just need a 30-rack of beer and your honey. Here, the best drinking games for couples to play totally on their own, no dumb friends needed.

Beer Pong

It’s not hard to adapt beer pong to a one-on-one game—just take partners out of the equation and go head-to-head in a cup-sinking battle to the death. Compare work grievances and talk Sunday dinner plans over a game or two. Loser does the dishes.  


After sitting on the couch binging Netflix, dig into the cushions and pull out a quarter—there’s definitely one in there. Then, add some spice to your monotonous existence by using that coffee table/dining table/foot rest/junk mail holder to play a rousing game of one-on-one quarters. Loser takes out the trash.

Power Hour

It’s just like a normal night in drinking with your one and only, except now you’re on a schedule. Shoot an ounce of beer every minute for an hour while staring deeply into one other’s eyes. That’s the power hour of love. There are no losers.

Flip Cup

If there’s is one redeeming quality about a two-person game of flip cup, it’s that it’s short. Really short. So short that you don’t even have time to bring up the question of whose house you’re going to for Thanksgiving. Loser does the laundry for a month.

Boat Race

Similar to flip cup, a two-person boat race is also great if you’re crunched for time—depending on your chugging abilities, of course. Loser gets ridiculed for the body part they are most sensitive about.

Never Have I Ever

Here’s a fun way to finally admit all those terrible things you did back when you were single to your soulmate. Loser slams the door and demands custody of the dog.

Beer Mile

You both vowed to start working out together in the New Year, time to get down to it. Four laps. Four beers. Loser cleans up the vomit.

Answer an Important Relationship Question or Drink

Finally, a drinking game only couples can play. And it’s the best. One of you starts by asking a question. Any question. (Some suggestions: “When are we going to get married?” “Should we start thinking about having kids?” “The suburbs aren’t so bad, are they?”) After each question is posed, the other person can either answer the question honestly or drink continuously while pointedly ignoring the other person. Loser is the first to quit the “game” and go to bed sobbing.