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The Craziest Shots Bartenders Have Ever Taken

When it comes to taking shots, no one has more notches on their belt than a bartender. They’re constantly pouring shots for others (and having shots bought for them), and are surrounded by booze all shift long. With this in mind, we asked bartenders about the craziest shots they’ve ever taken, and they didn’t disappoint. Please don’t try these at home or at the bar or anywhere, ever.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

The Strange

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots. It's Fireball and RumChata. Tastes like the cereal. For a sweet shot, it's one of my favorites. Way better than the two liquors alone.” — Adam Rosengarten, The Shannon Rose, Clifton, NJ

“The Tusacloosa Dumpling. Everyone made it a little differently. I think I did Crown Royal, Buttershots, something hot and cream. Also, Amaretto maybe? That doesn't sound right. It's been awhile since I've made one.” — Harold Lee, The Dubliner, New York, NY

“I've had some really absurd shots. One of them was an over-proof rum that was 65 percent alcohol with some mystery cream liqueur and something chewy in it from Jamaica. That was probably the fastest I've ever gotten drunk in one shot.” — Kerissa Hickey, Honey Pot, Tampa, FL

“We invented The Angry Bitch. Using Jäger Bomb cups, we poured tequila in the center and red wine around the outside.” — Patrick Morris, The Dubliner, New York, NY

The Crazy

“I've been a bar manager for 14 years now, so I've seen some gross ones. I used to have some regulars order Duck Fart shots so damn often and tried one. It’s Kahlua, Baileys and whiskey. That, on top of some solid IPAs, can do some damage to your insides.” — Alex Hemming, Oscar’s Alehouse, Eldersburg, MD

“A drink that was inspired by the BP Oil Spill and how ‘delicious’ it made the seafood down here. It is Jäger with a Jello Shot hiding in the inky depths of the shot glass. The combination of Jägermeister and strange gloop of gelatinous alcohol that often sticks for a second then slides into the mouth of some poor fool is pretty much guaranteed to induce gags.” — Scott Burlington, Kajun’s Pub, New Orleans, LA

“Two back-to-back shots of 190-proof Everclear. They burned the entire way down. After the first one, I couldn’t taste any alcohol, so I said ‘bring me another’ and proceeded to take a second one. The second one didn’t even faze me. It was like taking a shot of Fireball.” — Roger Abifadel, Stereo Brewery, Placentia, CA

“It’s called a Nose Dive, and it is actually the earliest form of a shot that I know of. It’s listed in the Savoy Cocktail Book. Basically, it’s a shot of gin placed inside a large pitted olive, which is then placed inside a small glass of dry ginger—kind of drunk the same style as a Jäger Bomb. Sounds weird, but it actually works.” — Luke Whearty, Operation Dagger, Outram, Singapore

“Some random customer asked me to make a shot from some obscure Pinterest post or something. It was a ‘Flaming Alien Brains,’ or ‘Flaming Dumpster Shot,’ or something. Either way, a shot with five layers of alcohol, topped with 151, and then I lit it on fire and took it. Was fun to do on a day that had only three patrons in a couple hours.” — Kerissa Hickey

The Absolutely Insane

“A Bus Bomb, it’s a super-sized Car Bomb, but with a pint glass and a pitcher. A select few know about this option—like the Chipotle secret menu ” — Euge Cata, The Green Door, New York, NY

“At the opening party of Door 74, [the owner] Phillip Duff had brought a bottle with a snake in it from Vietnam. He told me every time he poured liquid out, he refilled it with anything alcoholic on hand, so he was unsure what was in it. I was one of very few people brave enough to take a shot. Needless to say, it was the most disgusting thing I ever swallowed.” — Timo Janse, Door 74, Amsterdam

“It’s called a Superman. Basically, it’s a tequila shot with lime and salt, but instead of licking the salt and sucking on the lime after, you shoot the tequila, you snort the line of salt and squeeze lime in your eye. Not for the faint-hearted!” — Luke Whearty