8 Crazy Bartender Tricks

If you’ve ever watched Cocktail, then you know about flair bartending—and you probably wish you could see more of it in everyday life. In this flashy, over-the-top style of bartending, the goal is not to make the best tasting drinks (of course, that doesn’t hurt), but to make the act of creation of the cocktails look as cool as possible. Though it went out of style after the ‘80s, some bartenders, like this contestant on Ukraine’s Got Talent, still practice the artform to this day. Here, eight of the craziest bar tricks we’ve ever seen.

World Record Setting Jägerbomb Train

You’ll probably never need to pour multiple Jägerbombs at once, but you’d do it every chance you got if you had that skill in your back pocket. Philip Traber, a bartender from Germany, set the world record for the most Jäger shots poured at once in 2015—an impressive 17. Now that’s a party trick.

Liquid Nitrogen Boilermakers

Boilermakers are undeniably fun, but when you add liquid nitrogen to the mix they become a bubbling, smoking, awe-inspiring magic trick. A bartender at Myst bar in Bangkok added an air of mystery to an order of five Boilermakers by pouring in some liquid nitrogen before knocking the shots into the glasses of beer. We know it’s cheesy, but, seriously, please don’t try this one at home.

Pool Cue Shots

When dry ice and world records are out of reach, grab a pool cue to pull off this equally impressive bar trick.

Cherry Flipping and Napkin Tossing

If you ever find yourself in a pickle and need to garnish five cocktails with maraschino cherries at once, these bartenders have a trick for you. They also know how to throw down a napkin with precision and panache. The napkins will come in handy when you’re cleaning up all the cherries you flipped onto the floor after trying these tricks at home.

Juggling Flaming Bottles

Ehduard Pogorelov has an impressive repertoire of bartending tricks up his sleeve, but nothing tops his ability to juggle three fire-topped liquor bottles.

Bar Tool Balancing Act

If you’re Nikolay Vangelov, you don’t need to rest your tools on the bar while you’re making a drink. Instead, you balance it all on one hand while you expertly pour a shot of vodka into a shaker.

Honorable Mention: Limbo Queen Cocktail Service

Even though Limbo Queen Shemika Charles isn’t a bartender, her feat of how-low-can-you-go cocktail service is still seriously impressive. Replace that tray of rainbow-hued drinks with Margaritas, and we’d gladly have a round with Charles—even in a car dealership.