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Are You Crazy Enough to Try These 5 Shots?

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

The internet loves when people do horrible things to themselves for no reason, and one of the worst I dare yous is in the form of disgusting shots. If you’re looking to bring more people to your YouTube channel or want a way to gross out your friends at a party, these recipes should be on your radar. From boozy curdled mayonnaise shots to meaty Bacardi 151 shots, these are the craziest, most disgusting shots on the internet. Are you crazy enough to try them?

Smokers Cough

If you have a weak heart or are prone to car sickness or nausea, do not take this shot. Not only does it look grotesque—like someone spit a loogie into a shot of Jäger (hence the name)—it tastes equally as vile. To make this filthy animal of shot, simply fill a shot glass with Jägermeister and then drop in a spoonful of your favorite mayonnaise. What you get is a shot that is bitter, herbal, sweet and creamy all at once, while that eggy mayo clings to the back of your throat as it goes down. There’s a reason that this shot-tail is at the top of this list.

The Mac & Cheese Shot

If drinking hot bile is your thing, then this shot is your new go-to. Made with vodka, Velveeta macaroni and cheese powder, and milk, the shot is pungently cheesy and sour—almost like rotten milk. To make it even more cringeworthy, some bartenders recommend rimming the shot glass with more cheese powder and garnishing with a dollop of canned cheese whiz.

Prairie Chicken Shot

No, there is not any chicken involved in this shot, but it does include eggs. Served in a Champagne flute, this stomach-turning shot-tail is made with gin, black pepper, Tabasco (sometimes) and a whole raw egg. Spicy, slimy and subtly herbaceous, it’s extremely difficult to take down (trust us, we’ve tried). Whatever you do, don’t break the yolk in the glass or in your mouth when you shoot it—it’s best to take the whole egg down in one gulp.

The Black Death

When a cocktail is named after a plague that killed an estimated 25 million people, you know that it’s going to be bad. With only two ingredients—both in equal measure—this shot may seem benign, but cheap vodka and soy sauce combine to create something truly disgusting and unusual. The taste is somewhere between stale Chinese food, durian and prosciutto. Memories of this shot cause those who’ve tried it to instantaneously gag.

Liquid Steak

Another amazingly putrid combination, this shot-tail tastes exactly like what its name implies: dry cured steak that has been cooked and liquified. Made with equal parts Bacardi 151 and Worcestershire sauce, the shot is fishy, meaty and umami-rich with a sickly sweet rum finish. Worst of all, at 151 proof, the shot burns like hot fire going down and makes you equally sick to your stomach and loose in the head. If you drink liquified Whoppers as your post-gym smoothie, this shot is for you.