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Why You Should Date a Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

Between projecting the perfect version of yourself, drinking enough to steady your nerves and trying to figure out exactly who is sitting across from you, first dates can be tough. You need an objectively positive sign that you’re on the right track, and the girl you’re drinking with is the girl you’ll want to drink with time and time again. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to tell: She drinks whiskey. Here are seven reasons why you should definitely date a girl who drinks whiskey.

She’s Not Afraid of Anything

A glass of whiskey can be intimidating. It’s dark, there are no mixers to soften the taste, and it packs a serious bite. A girl who has acquired a taste for straight whiskey has stared directly into the dark brown abyss time and time again, which means she’s up for anything.

She’s Down to Earth

A girl who drinks whiskey doesn’t need some pricey cocktail served in a golden chalice. She doesn’t need elaborate garnishes. She doesn’t even need mixers. All she needs is a glass of whiskey.

She’s Her Own Person

We joke about “manly drinks” here at Supercall, but we know there really is no such thing as a “girly” drink or a “manly” drink. And so does your whiskey drinking date. She doesn’t drink what she’s “supposed” to; she drinks what she likes. And a girl who drinks what she likes is a girl you’re going to like.

She is a Responsible Adult

Nothing spells disaster like a date who can’t hold liquor—no matter the gender. A girl who drinks whiskey is poised and in control. She isn’t recklessly guzzling a Long Island Iced Tea or daring you to take shots of Fireball. She is responsibly sipping a glass of whiskey like a grown woman.

She Has Depth

Even a whiskey cocktail as simple as an Old Fashioned has a depth of flavor. Whiskey is a complex spirit with a myriad of nuanced tasting notes and aromas. The girl who drinks whiskey appreciates that because she shares that same complexity.


She’s in It for the Long Haul

Let’s face it: No one liked the first swig of whiskey. Every sip packs a punch, and it’s only once you’ve acquired a taste for the spirit that you can begin to appreciate its unique flavor. A girl who sips on a glass of whiskey has put in the time and effort needed to enjoy it to its fullest potential. She is loyal to the end and puts effort into her relationships, even when it isn’t easy.

She Has Good Taste

Plain and simple, a girl who drinks whiskey has good taste. And if she wants to date you, then you must be pretty cool.