The Ultimate Boozy Date Night Bucket List

When you first started dating, making plans was easy: You just went to the bar and you talked and you drank. But now that you’ve been together for a while, cramming into a crowded happy hour and shouting over the music isn’t appealing anymore. If you’re stumped on what to do with bae this weekend, try one of these creative date night ideas. Don’t worry, they all still involve drinking.

Learn from the Pros at a Mixology Class

Up your cocktail game by enrolling in a mixology class at a local cocktail bar. Learn how to make drinks from professional bartenders, whether it’s favorite classics or specialty signatures. After a class or two you’ll be able to bring the bar home and upgrade date nights in from pizza and beer and cocktails. Maybe you should book a cooking class together too.

Tour a Distillery, Winery or Brewery

Chances are, there is some sort of alcohol production going on in or near your neighborhood. Book a tour of a distillery, winery or brewery—either a public tour to socialize with others, or a VIP private tour with just you and your boo. You’re sure to learn a ton about whatever alcoholic beverage they produce, but the best part of taking these tours is the complimentary tasting that almost always follows.

Drink in the Great Outdoors

There’s nothing more romantic than cozying up by the campfire, passing the flask of whiskey back and forth while you roast marshmallows and point out constellations. But if the old school, sleeping-on-the-floor-of-a-tent camping style isn’t for you, consider booking a “glamping” experience, many of which include booze served directly to your real-mattress bed.

Take Shots and Do a Cheesy Karaoke Duet

Neither of you have great singing voices and you’d sooner gag than do a romantic duet with your partner at karaoke in the company of friends. But if it’s just the two of you out on the town, head to the sketchiest karaoke joint possible where no one knows your name, get a round of shots for liquid courage, then fire up a non-ironic, adorably off-key rendition of “I Got You Babe” for a bunch of strangers.

Go to an Actual Speakeasy

You’ve probably hit all of the vaguely Prohibition-themed bars in town, but perhaps you’ve been discouraged from waiting on line at an actual speakeasy when you’re with a group. For date night, dress up in your La La Land best, and head to the most exclusive speakeasy in town, and enjoy a sensual, secretive night of quality cocktails and ambient jazz music.

Embark on a Booze Cruise

If you live near a body of water, there’s most definitely a booze cruise you can book. Oh, you don’t live in a touristy area where there are dedicated cruises for on-the-water partying? No worries: Any old commuter ferry and a clandestine bottle of booze will make for a romantic—and affordable—night out, especially if you embark at sunset.

Challenge Each Other to a Drinking Game

A simple game of Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever can turn very intimate, very fast, especially if there is booze involved. Compete against your partner in a one-on-one drinking game at home or at the local dive, and be sure to consult our guide to couples drinking games for more ideas when Truth or Dare gets stale.

Crush a Drinking Game Together as a Team

Whether you are on a double date or just challenge strangers at the bar, bond over your shared skills by playing a team-based drinking game, like beer pong or a particularly booze-fueled round of pool. Choreograph a shameless victory dance if you win, or commiserate over your mutual failure with few more rounds.

Share Your Weird Knowledge at Trivia Night

Who knew your significant other knew so much about both golf history and 1990s boy bands? Find out all the useless facts your partner has crammed in their brain by showing up to trivia night at the pub together. If you have the perfect yin and yang of weird facts, you may even end up winning a prize.

Have a Boozy Picnic in the Park

Break out the wicker basket, pack it with charcuterie and Champagne, and set out for the park. Lay out a blanket under a tree, hope you don’t get caught violating open-container laws (just be chill, guys), and imbibe together outside on a beautiful day. If you’d rather be moving around, stick to sharing a flask as you amble around the park.

Go to a Museum Cocktail Event

Art and culture is great and all, but it’s much better after a cocktail or two. Most museums host regular events or first nights that feature complimentary wine and cheese, and even the occasional cocktail. Take in some culture along with enough free booze and snacks to make you appreciate that empty canvas with one single red dot as “art.”

Stumble Around a Booze Festival

The best way to conquer the seemingly endless offerings at a spirits, beer or wine festival is to do it as a team. Go from table to table sampling their wares, exchanging bullshit tasting notes and learning how to spit like a pro.

Indulge at a Supper Club or Cocktail Omakase

Ball out by treating yourselves to a luxury supper club or cocktail omakase, when mixologists present a pre-set or improvised menu of cocktails and snacks. It’s the best way to try a multitude of innovative beverages in one sitting.

Do Nothing But Drink a Whole Bottle of Wine Directly Out of the Bottle on the Couch

When you’re in a committed relationship, Netflix and Chill actually means Netflix and Chill. Wear your sweats, order Chinese food and cue up an episode of Black Mirror; you two are doing nothing but sitting on the couch and sharing one bottle of cheap red wine tonight, because nobody did the dishes and you two are comfortable enough around each other to let that vino dribble down your chin and into the box of lo mein. Now that’s true #RelationshipGoals.