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The Craziest DIY Shot Glasses on Pinterest

If you’re a booze-loving Pinterest addict who loves to DIY, you’ve probably seen tutorials on how to construct shot glasses from things like Jolly Ranchers and even marshmallows. And while you’ve probably watched many of these how-tos already, there are so many more wacky shot glasses out there, both edible and not. Here, the four craziest shot glass tutorials on Pinterest, from super simple to excruciatingly elaborate.

Cheese Shot Glasses

Everyone loves an edible shot glass, especially when sweets like candy or cookies are involved. This cheesy shot glass from Popsugar Foods, however, uses a big block of cheddar to kick things up a notch and put a savory twist on the trend. While you could certainly shoot any kind of liquor out of these delectable vessels, we recommend a neutral shot of vodka.

Bottle Top Shot Glasses

There are plenty of tutorials that show you how to cut and craft your own drinking glasses out of the base of empty liquor bottles, but not many artisans think to use the tops. Don’t let this part of the bottle go to waste. Instead of tossing bottle tops in the recycling bin, add them to your collection of upcycled glassware. Whether you’re preserving the top of a wax-coated Maker’s Mark bottle or prefer the look of plain glass, these eye-catching shot glasses will garner everyone’s attention.

Wooden Shot Glasses

If you fancy yourself a woodworker, this tutorial will help you flex those rugged skills. Using a block of wood, saws, a drill press and sandpaper, ManMade takes you through the essential steps to create impressively beautiful and functional wooden shot glasses.

Giant Jawbreaker Shot Glass

Many of us nearly broke a tooth while gnawing on a Jawbreaker at least once when we were children, and the extra-hard candy’s appeal hasn’t faded as we’ve gotten older. One man loves the treat so much that he turned a giant Jawbreaker into a shot glass on his lathe. While this video is less of a tutorial and more of an entrancing way to spend 13 minutes, it’s as impressive as any shot glass tutorial we’ve ever seen.