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10 Reasons Kiddie Pool Coolers Are Awesome

Don’t get rid of that old kiddie pool just because no one in the house wears floaties anymore. That pint-sized pool has more uses than just keeping young’uns entertained in the summertime. With enough ice, it’s also a massive DIY beverage cooler that could eat your standard cooler for boozy brunch. Thirsty innovators have concocted all kinds of ways to upgrade the kiddie pool into the ultimate chiller for everything from brews to canned cocktails. Here, our 10 favorite examples of kiddie pool coolers.

The only way to know how many beers will fit: Stuff the pool til it overflows.

Kiddie pool cleanup is easier with a furry assistant.

Keep your beers safe with floaties.

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If you can’t go to the tropics, you can still grab a drink from under a palm tree.

Don’t worry: There’s room for brews and pups.

Cinco de Mayo can’t come soon enough.

A kiddie pool fit for a kegger.

Chill like a patriot.

Make the separation of beverage powers known.

The fountain overfloweth with brewskis. (Here’s how to make your own!)