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Whiskey Fountains Are Real and Every Party Needs One

Leave the chocolate fountains to the Cracker Barrel diners and the ranch dressing fountains to the sick individuals who ever thought that was a good idea. We’re all about whiskey fountains now. It may sound like something straight from a Bourbon County fairytale, but whiskey fountains are very real, and your next party needs one.

The trend started in January of 2012, when Florida couple Lauren and Ben shared a picture of themselves pouring a massive bottle of Jameson into a plastic fountain at their wedding reception (above).

Since then, other whiskey fountains have popped up on Pinterest, like this one from another wedding:

And this one from what we’re betting was an epic Auburn University tailgate.

Made simply with a plastic fountain (you can get one that lights up from Amazon for just $25), whiskey fountains are not difficult to put together. But they do require you to have friends who know their own limits. We can only imagine the dancing that went on at Ben and Lauren’s wedding when the whiskey fountain had been drunk dry.

Of course, you don’t have to fill a fountain with whiskey. One of these boozy centerpieces would be equally impressive filled with something slightly lower in ABV, like Fish House Punch, or take a tip from the just-opened Dante at Genuine and fill one up with a big batch of Negronis. Whatever you do, just make sure your next party includes some sort of boozy fountain. Ours sure will.