9 Dog-Friendly Bars Where Your Furry Pal Will Have as Much Fun as You

Mutts Canine Cantina / Facebook

Plenty of bars welcome dogs (and plenty more will look the other way if you want to grab a beer with your furry BFF), but these venues tend to highly restrict dog activity. Your dog likely has to suffer being leashed to your table, and there’s nary a dog-friendly drink or bite in sight. But there is an upper echelon of dog bars, places that combine all of the human fun of a bar with all of the dog fun of a dog park. These friendliest of dog-friendly bars feature doggy playground equipment, dog treat bars and dog-friendly servers.

Doggy Membership Fees: None

Known as “the bar where everyone know’s your dog’s name,” Lucky Dog is a dog-friendly sports bar, meaning you can watch humans and dogs play all at once from the comfort of your bar stool. Since the dog park also functions as a doggy daycare and hotel, they offer additional services like bathing, including a beer and bath special (the beer for you, the bath for your dog) for $15. The original Lake Norman location boasts 17,000 square feet of play area inside and out, but the newer location closer to downtown bumps that number up to 25,000.

Yard Bar, Austin, TX

Doggy Membership Fees: $5.50 per dog for an unlimited day pass, $15 monthly, $150 per year

At most dog park/bar mashups, you are responsible for your dog at all times, meaning you have to balance your beer while restraining your great dane, Cuddles, from trampling that yappy pug. Yard Bar not only features a full dog park complete with “agility equipment” to keep your canines happily distracted, but the bar also employs Bark Rangers, who will help you referee doggy play while you drink. Those refs come in extra handy during the bar’s own version of the Puppy Bowl.

Dogwood, Seattle, WA

Doggy Membership Fees: $12 per day, $45 per month, $385 per year

Dogwood is doubly stocked, for you and your pup. Not only does the bar serve plenty of human libations, but The Seattle Barkery has a full doggy treat bar set up inside as well, offering intricately decorated dog-friendly snacks and huge meaty “cakes” for birthday pups. A huge 8,000-foot space inside provides plenty of room for play during rainy Seattle days, but the bar also includes an expansive outdoor off-leash area.

Doggy Membership Fees: $6 per day, $16 per month, $120 per year

You have to know that any place that fashions itself as a canine cantina will have a chill vibe before you even arrive. The entirely outdoor venue does the rustic, Edison bulb-lit gastropub/beer garden thing that Dallas excels at—except with dogs. Mutts includes a one-acre dog park for your pup to get in on those outdoor chic vibes while you chill with a frozen Marg. There’s also a “Woof” section of the menu dedicated to dog-friendly sustenance, like doggy (hot) dogs and vanilla custard with that canine favorite: peanut butter.

The Dog Bar, St. Petersburg, FL

Doggy Membership Fees: $40 per year

Another Charlotte native bar, The Dog Bar expanded to St. Petersburg in 2012, giving Floridian dog owners a much needed space to get tipsy with their pups in public (other than surreptitiously drinking in the park). While you might never get tired of playing with your doggy friends, they might like some alone time with their canine peers, so the bar also offers plenty of human games, like Ping Pong, Skee Ball, Jenga and Corn Hole.

Fetch, Atlanta, GA

Doggy Membership Fees: $20 per month

We believe there should be dog park bars all across this great dog-loving nation of ours, so we’re always excited to see another opening. Fetch, set to become Atlanta’s first dog park/restaurant/bar in January 2018, will boast an outdoor Airstream trailer-turned-bar right in Fetch Park. Meanwhile, the adjacent Fetch Ice House will feature an all-day food menu to humans, while the on-leash Shipping Yard patio area inside a shipping container will serve craft cocktails and rooftop seating, so you can enjoy the view with your pup.

Dog House Drinkery, Leander, TX

Doggy Membership Fees: $5 per day, $75 per year

If you want a truly expansive park for your dog to run free, you’ve got to get out of the major cities. Dog House Drinkery, located in Leander, outside Austin, takes advantage of its country retreat on a 2.5-acre lot. You better believe this place takes its pup entertainment seriously, since the place started as a dog park and only later expanded to include human amenities. If you’re getting out to Dog House Drinkery on the weekend, know that waiting there is a trailer slinging spicy patty melts and burgers, in addition to plenty of beer and wine.

The Barrel, Charleston, SC

Doggy Membership Fees: None

Technically, The Barrel is a dog- and goat-friendly bar. Ideal scenario: As you make friends with your bar stool neighbor, your dog makes interspecies best friends with a goat. Rotating food trucks also visit the park, there’s live music pretty much constantly, and the bar features an extensive tap selection of 33 local and regional craft beers. Should the Charleston heat get to your furry pal, dogs can take a dip in the Secessionville Creek, which is accessible from the gated dog area.

Paws for a Beer, Bellingham, WA

Doggy Membership Fees: $5 per day, $20 per month, $100 per year

Created as a sanctuary for energetic dogs, like the husband and wife owners’ own border collie-black lab mix, Paws for a Beer is the perfect place to take a break with your pup and a brew. The inside looks like a living room, with large leather couches where customers can lounge with furry pals snoozing after running their energy out. Meanwhile, the yard outside plays host to food trucks and patio tables where you can enjoy the great outdoors together with your pets. With plenty of beer, wine, cider and kombucha, the bar is like a home away from home.