Man’s Best Friend Is a Beer-Fetching Dog

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re also man’s best bartender. Beyond sitting and rolling over, these pups can fetch a cold beer on command, close the fridge and deliver it to their lucky, lazy owners. The best part: They take their tips in liver snacks. If you lack the effort to train your dog (and need some inspiration), or you haven’t got a pooch to fetch your hooch (but want to vicariously live through every pet owner’s dream), watch these videos of dogs fetching beer.

“Beer me!”

A beer-fetching dog means you’ll never miss a moment of the game again.

This bilingual pup will fetch a cold cerveza.

This eco-friendly dog will exchange your spent can for a fresh one.

A savvy canine host only needs to hear you’re parched to spring into action.

Loyalty is important for dogs, home teams and beer brands.

Timmy’s not in the well, he’s getting me a drink.

What use is a beer-fetching dog if you have to get your own TV remote?

Not every dog fetches from the fridge.

If the dog does all the work, he deserves to share the spoils.

Learn from the masters, and teach your own dog to grab you a cold one.