The Best Answers From Dolph Lundgren's Reddit AMA

Dolph Lundgrun—actor, muscle-man, killer of Apollo Creed, and fill-in for “scary-Russian” in all of our nightmares—recently took to Reddit for another scintillating AMA (Ask Me Anything!) session.

The internet asked; Dolph answered. Here are the most intriguing highlights. Was he totally being honest? Who cares: “If he lies, he lies.” (sorry)

User mooj123 asked him about his experience in the James Bond film, A View To A Kill:

"It was interesting. I mean, it was overwhelming - first I was in the Bond Movie set, it was very impressive. I remember they shot at the Eiffel Tower, and in those days, you could just rent the Eiffel Tower for 2 days, close it down and shoot a movie, I don't think you can do that anymore. And I met Roger Moore, and a few other people. And I played a small role, literally 2 minutes I was gone, but that got me a little taste of the whole show business experience, in and around the set."

A particularly interested user named marcisme asked him if the scene asked him if he really ate sushi off naked ladies in the film Showdown in Little Tokyo:

"Yeah. I think both the sushi and the ladies were real, as far as I imagine! Ha ha ha! This was the 80's, where you could do different things in the movies than today!"

User badguysenator also asked him about Showdown in Little Tokyo, specifically about Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, who was tragically killed on-set of The Crow due to a special effects accident: 

Well, Brandon was a special guy. We became good friends during the shoot of the picture. His mother was Swedish. So he was half-Chinese (because of Bruce Lee, his dad) and his mom was Swedish, and we both were martial artists. And I agree with you - had he lived, he would've become a huge star, maybe even bigger than his dad.

User maverickLI asked him about his closest celebrity friends, and in particular, if he speaks to Grace Jones still:

"I don't have that many celebrity friends any more. I think the closest one I have is Stallone, and Schwarzenegger, and I'm pretty close with Statham and Snipes. And... um... some of the other EXPENDABLES, Mickey Rourke, we got pretty close. I haven't talked to Grace Jones for a while. Last time I saw her musta been in Cannes, a few years ago. But since I'm in New York, I'm thinking of giving her a call, at least talking to her."

On that note, user oscarcarveli asked him if he would have won fights against Stallone and Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) during the filming of Rocky IV: 

"Well, I guess I'd have a pretty good shot at both chances.You know, boxing, a lot of it is about how hard you can hit. So I guess I have an advantage over both those guys. I mean, for actors they're pretty good. But I'd bet my money on myself for that fight."


Axel927 asked Dolph what his favorite book was:

I read a lot. I read a lot of history. I read a really good one, just finished it, called TEAM OF RIVALS, about Lincoln. It's about how he threw his cabinet together after the election, and how he rose from being a backwoods lawyer whom nobody knew to one of the most famous historical lawyers in not only American history, but WORLD history, and it all happened in 5 years.

He was unknown in 1860. But by 1865, he became a major historical figure forever and ever. Which is just amazing, the way it happened.

 While the extremely aptly-named user. DolphLundgrendsPenis, asked "How am I hanging?":

"Hahaha! To the left! Hahaha!"

Oh Dolph, you glorious Russian bastard. Thank you. Love, the internet.