The Dos and Don'ts of Drinking at a Music Festival

It’s music festival season, and this year, you’re not going to make the same mistakes as you have in the past. Regardless of whether you’re an EDM person or you’re into hip hop, country or some mash up of everything, there are a few dos and don’ts to follow if you want to have a good festival experience.

DON’T Get Sugary Drinks

Sweet drinks have a time and a place. Like dessert, for example. Music festivals are definitely not the time and place. Go for something more refreshing that won’t leave your teeth feeling like they’re wearing fuzzy sugar sweaters after.

DO Hydrate Like Your Name is Bobby Bushay

“Remember to hydrate! Most festivals are held outdoors, so that means you’ll be walking, dancing and spending a lot of time in the heat and sun WHILE drinking,” a spokesperson for the Carolina Country Music Fest tells Supercall. “Add alcohol into the mix and you’ve got the perfect recipe for dehydration, heat exhaustion and lots of other not-so-fun issues.”

Of course, a little Gatorade-water combo never hurt anyone.

“Make sure you get plenty of that high quality H2O up in your body before you start slamming beers and whiskey,” Danny Ranieri, who works with Summer Camp Music Festival, tells Supercall. “Also, there's nothing better than pulling yourself out of your tent when it's 90 degrees on Memorial Day Weekend in central Illinois and taking a big long pull of an ice cold Gatorade.”

DON’T Get Caught Empty Handed

You have two hands, so use them. No one wants to be that person who fights their way to the front of the crowd only to realize that they have nothing to drink in between the six songs you know.

DO Pace Yourself

Prepare for the marathon that you paid hundreds of dollars for. There’s no need to shotgun drinks until you lose the day. Chill out, grab a juice and if your music festival of choice is Coachella, maybe even treat yourself to a few non-alcoholic cocktails.

DON’T Be Afraid to Rock a Fanny Pack

Yes, you have two hands and they should be filled, but then again, you only have two hands. Make use of a fanny pack and wear it loud and proud. They cause much less dreaded back sweat than backpacks do after hours in the sun and they’re the perfect size to stash an extra drink or two.

DO Break Up Your Drinks With Some Food

You know you’re going to be hungry, and a couple drinks won’t help that. Give that fanny pack a duel purpose and squeeze some snacks in there.

DON’T Start Your Day Off Wrong

You’re going to be feeling a little less than blessed when you wake up on the second day (or the first, depending on your lifestyle). Get things started the right way with a hangover cure that we can all get behind. “Morning Mimosas are the best way to kick off your day,” Ranieri says. “Cool and refreshing, with just enough hair of the dog to get you back into dancing shape!”