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7 Exotic Dream Bars to Follow on Instagram

If you’re stuck at a desk in the middle of a concrete jungle, you deserve an escape every now and then—even if it’s just for a moment. Lucky for you, certain bars that we follow on Instagram induce major wanderlust every time we scroll through our feed, so that’s where we turn for a much-needed escape from the humdrum routine of everyday. Whether you’re looking for a place to imbibe on your next vacation or just want a cocktail-fueled five-minute break, feast your eyes on these seven tropical dream bars on Instagram.

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Mahiki, London, UK

In addition to gorgeously garnished tropical libations, Mahiki’s Instagram is filled with flaming surfboards carrying shots and treasure chests stocked with large format cocktails. And be sure to look out for celebs like Drake, who get their tiki fix at this clubby London lounge.

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Lost Lake, Chicago, IL

Lost Lake wins the award for most photogenic wallpaper, which is a perfect backdrop when you need to snap a photo of the bar’s gorgeous drinks. Right now, we’re pining for the Zulu as Kono, made with rhum agricole, Batavia Arrack, Swedish Punsch, guava, lime, maraschino and Angostura bitters.

Mother of Pearl, New York, NY

This Polynesian bar and restaurant serves up tropical drinks and vegan food that’s so tasty, you won’t even miss the meat. If you can’t make it to this East Village watering hole, fuel your FOMO with photos of flaming citrus and the extra Instagrammable Shark Eye cocktail.

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Hale Pele, Portland, OR

Not only is Hale Pele’s tropical garnish game on point, but the bar is also always posting cool vintage photographs that take us back to the lazy beach days of yore. But, if we’re being honest, we’re most entertained by the way the bartenders play with fire (don’t worry; it’s totally safe).

Little Buddy Hideaway, Asbury Park, NJ

Not only is this tropical Jersey hideaway one of the prettiest bars on this list, it has some serious DIY krazy straw skills. Come for drinks like the Kill Devil—made with dark rum, mezcal, tangerine and agave—and stay for the live DJ sets to dance the night away.

Bootlegger Tiki, Palm Springs, CA

This classic Palm Springs watering hole has all the fresh fruit and exotic flower garnishes you could ever want. But its Instagram serves more than drinks: Follow the tiki getaway for shots of classic cars and the cutest fruit animals we’ve ever seen.

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Test Pilot, Santa Barbara, CA

We’d go to Test Pilot for the tiki mugs alone, but its pretty tropical interior is enough to make us stay all day. If you find yourself drinking at this Santa Barbara hideaway, make sure to order one of the boozy slushies like the ridiculously good looking Tiki Blinders, made with cognac, pear, five-spice, lemon, Aperol, port and baking spices.