The 12 Best Places to Drink at Disney World

Though you may be too old to believe the costumed characters are real, Disney World holds plenty of thrills for adult attendees, including the type that come poured over ice. Despite its official emphasis on family fun, there are actually a number of legit drinking establishments at the park, especially if you include neighboring areas like Epcot and Downtown Disney. Beyond liquid refreshment, these bars seriously lean into their themes, making them great places to truly lose yourself. Here, our favorite bars at Disney World.

Courtesy of Disney

As the first place in the Magic Kingdom to serve booze, this Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant represents the dissolution of the prohibition established within the park grounds by old Walt himself. While Disneyland is still dry (except for the uber-exclusive Club 33), Disney World now features five restaurants that serve beer and wine. While the West Wing in the castle also serves dinner with drinks, we prefer the elegant Ballroom (where Belle and the Beast had their iconic dance) for our French feast and beverage pairings. The menu boasts about 20 wines, as well as enough French and Belgian beer to satiate even the Gaston in your group.

Courtesy of Disney

This ultimate tiki spot in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort may be the happiest place on Earth outside of the Caribbean. An imported version of the Trader Sam’s outside Disneyland in California, the Floridian location channels the kitchy islander vibes of the Enchanted Tiki Room with a dash of Moana and a soupcon of giant octopus, whose tentacle snakes across the ceiling. Order lighthearted drinks like the HippopotaMai-Tai (dark and gold rums, orange Curaçao, orgeat, agave and lime juice) or the crowd-friendly Uh-Oa!, which sends the bar staff (and the decor) into action. Bartenders shout the name of the drink, a fake window shows a volcano exploding, and the drink angers the “Tiki Goddess of Disaster” enough to make her eyes glow red—drinks and a show.

The Dawa Bar has long been a favorite Animal Kingdom spot, and while the Mojitos at the patio bar provide reliable relief from the Floridian sun, the newer Nomad Lounge ups the drink-making ante on the savanna. The menu, which is formatted like the travelog of an intrepid explorer returning with descriptions of exotic cocktails, is broken up by destination, highlighting the various regions represented within the Animal Kingdom. The Tempting Tigress from Indonesia, for example, features bourbon, allspice dram, tamarind syrup and lime juice, while the Night Monkey from the Asia section contains rum, guava purée, coffee syrup, lime and cilantro.

Courtesy of Disney

This retro ‘50s spot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios plops visitors right into mid-century Americana, as if every drinker were a star in Rebel Without a Cause. The bar naturally features a list of classic cocktails to warp you back in time, but there are also a number of bright neon drinks like Dad’s Electric Lemonade. If the razzle dazzle isn’t your speed, order yourself an Old Fashioned like Don Draper and whisk yourself back to the early days of Disney itself.

Descend into Tutto Gusto and leave the world (of Epcot) behind. The wine cellar is one of the few places you can feel like a real, sophisticated grownup at the theme park. With hundreds of bottles on offer, you could spend days at the bar if you truly want to commit to the venue’s name, which translates to “taste everything.” Don’t worry—the bar also offers plates of charcuterie and cheese to sustain you between sips.

This Epcot tequila bar parties so hard it needs a bouncer—no, really. The pinnacle of any round-the-world drinking tour of the park’s World Showcase, the bar in the Mexico pavilion lets the Margaritas flow freely. The laundry list of tequilas numbers over 100, making blue agave the clear star of this attraction, but there are mezcal options and flights to add a bit of variety as well. There are even a number of top-shelf pours, should you opt to ball out at Epcot. But the real highlights are the bar’s specialty Margs, which are flavored with avocado, horchata, blood orange and tamarind, among other options.

For creative mixology, unpack and de-wrinkle your fancy dinnerware, and head to bluezoo, chef Todd English’s contribution to the Disney culinary scene within the Disney World Dolphin Hotel. Get fancy with a Smoking Sangria or Burnt Orange with brûléed orange-infused tequila, Grand Marnier and a flaming orange shell for garnish. Or pick a drink that’s equal parts fun and grown up, like the Swedish Fish, made with vodka infused with the namesake candy.

As you walk down the Boardwalk, you’ll hear Jellyrolls before you see it. A visit to the raucous piano bar is less about what’s in your glass than what’s playing on the bar’s dueling pianos. Tip the maestros well and you may just earn a song of your request—“Piano Man,” anyone?—then pound your glass on your table and sing along at the top of your lungs. Since this venue is 21-and-over only, you can be assured that no eavesdropping youngsters will catch you belting out Billy Joel.

Today you’ll find Raglan Road Pub in Disney Springs, but the bar didn’t begin its life in Orlando. The entire building was imported piece by piece straight from the Emerald Isle, making this restaurant a mini-Irish Epcot pavilion all of its own. Cozy up to the well-travelled bar with a trio of Bushmills Irish whiskeys, sample your way through a flight of beers from across Ireland or cool down with an iced Irish Coffee.

During dinner hours, you can find some solid sushi at Kimonos at the Swan Hotel, but after your table is cleared and the night owls roll in, the restaurant turns into a karaoke bar. There’s just one stage in the dining room—no private rooms—so get ready for a public reception should you muster the courage to belt out your best rendition of “Colors of the Wind.” Between seasonal sake Sangria and cocktails like the Oriental Grape (vodka, Ty Ku Black Sake, rock candy syrup, green chili sugar and grapes), there’s more than enough liquid encouragement on hand to get you in front of the mic.

There are few characters from the theme park universe we’d like to grab a drink with, but Indiana Jones is at the top of that short list, especially if he brings Marion along. According to Disney lore, this bar was opened by Indy’s pal Jock, the pilot who saves him from death by poison darts at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are a few bits of Raiders paraphernalia decorating the walls of this Disney Springs bar—Reggie the snake’s cage is prominently displayed, but the headpiece of the Staff of Ra is a bit harder to spot—along with plenty of general WWII-era, aviation-themed decor. Signature drinks are also rife with references to the movies, like the Kali Ma Garita, a spicy watermelon Margarita that’s noted on the menu as a favorite at Pankot Palace.

Disney magic pervades every watering hole within a 15-mile radius of the Magic Kingdom, but there’s a different sort of magic at work at AbracadaBar. As the backstory goes, the bar is a former magician’s lounge, and while all the performers mysteriously disappeared, don’t be surprised if your server performs a sleight of hand while delivering your Magic Hattan. There’s plenty of entertainment to be found in the trinkets scattered around the bar if you care to take a closer look, like the Genie’s lamp from Aladdin or the caricatures of magicians that magically disappear from the posters on the wall on the 13th minute of every hour.