7 Insanely Fun Drinking Games You’ve Never Heard of

Getty Images/NURPhoto

If you’ve ever been to college or a college party or just stayed awake for the second half of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you know how beer pong and flip cup work. And chances are you’ve played Kings or Ring of Fire. But the world of drinking games is vast. Here are seven competitive ways to have a drink or two or three you’ve been missing out on.

Mine Sweeper

Number of players: At least four
How to play: Take 16 shot glasses* and fill 12 with water and four with vodka (or, if you feel like making bad decisions, Everclear). Randomly arrange the glasses on a table in a four by four square. Go around the table taking shots, without sipping or smelling, until all the alcohol is gone. Repeat potentially ad nauseum.
*If you have more people or just have more shot glasses you can use any number that is divisible by four. Just be sure to fill up one quarter of the glasses with alcohol.


Number of players: As many as you want
How to play: Float an empty shot glass in a pint of beer. Take turns pouring an alcohol of your choosing into the shot glass. Whoever either sinks the shot or tips it over has to drink the entire pint, shot and all.

Sip, Sip, Shot

Number players: More than four
How to play: If your participation in adult versions of childhood activities (read: childhood activities with drinking) only extends as far back as your summer camp years, now you can kick it all the way back to kindergarten. This is, essentially, a drinking version of duck, duck, goose. Everyone but a “caller” sits in a circle. The caller walks around tapping people on the head saying, “sip, sip, sip,” and as she does, whoever she taps must take a sip of their drink. When she taps someone and says “shot” that person must get up and chase the caller around the circle and if he doesn’t catch the caller, he has to take a shot and walk around the circle tapping heads himself.


Number of players: As many teams of two as you want
How to play: The German name translates to “crate running,” and kastenlauf events, which began about 35 years ago, were sort of proto-beer miles. Each team of two carries a crate of 24 full beer bottles while running a set route of somewhere between five and ten kilometers. The winners will be the team that crosses the finish line first with a crate of empty beer bottles. The rate and timing of the drinking are up to the teams and any team who spills is disqualified.


Number of players: At least two
How to play: Sapo originated (and continues to be very popular) in Peru and requires some special equipment—specifically a number of metal tokens and a Sapo board with a frog perched in the center of it. The object of the game is to throw a token into the frog’s mouth or, barring that, into the holes in the board that surround the frog. While Sapo doesn’t have to be played as a drinking game, it can easily be adapted into one. If you throw a token and it doesn’t go into one of the holes in the board, take a sip of your drink. If you get it in the frog’s mouth everyone else must finish their drink.


Number of players: Three
How to play: This is a hybrid of beer pong and the billiards game cutthroat. Divide the cups into three sets of five, marked clearly with three different colors (red, blue and green, for example) or the names of the three different players (Huey, Dewey and Louie, for example). Arrange the cups in a pyramid as you would in a game of beer pong—a line of five, four, three, two and one in the center of the table with none of the same color cups touching each other. Take turns throwing the ball at the cups. Any time a ball lands in your cup, drink the contents and remove it from the table. The winner is the last person with a cup left on the table.

Bear Paw

Number of players: As many as you want
How to play: Maybe we shouldn’t call this Russian drinking game insanely fun, but it is certainly insane. Start with a pint of beer and pass it around the circle with everyone taking a sip. Every time someone takes a sip, they replace the beer they drank with vodka. The game continues until…well, it just continues.