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5 Great Shower Cocktails That Are Even Better Than Shower Beers

There’s something to be said for shower beers. We’ve been known to refer to those cleansing refreshers as “one of life’s greatest joys.” But that was before we got aboard the shower cocktail train. Turns out, there’s no better way to get the most out of a long, relaxing shower than with an icy cocktail in hand. There are, however, a few guidelines to making the perfect shower cocktail.

First, it must be simple. There’s no point in spending 15 minutes mixing a drink that might wind up with a bit of shower water (or shampoo) in it. Second, it should be tall—the more liquid, the longer it will last as you lather, rinse and repeat. And finally, it needs to be in a plastic cup. Shower cocktails should never end in a trip to the emergency room.

Here, five simple cocktails that will take your shower from basic to brilliant.

Gin Rickey

Tart, bracing and all-around delightful, the Gin Rickey is, in our expert opinion, the ultimate shower cocktail. Paired with a hot, steamy shower, this bright, citrusy, spritzy cocktail will help wake you up better than a cup of joe—perfect when you need an afternoon pick-me-up or are just having a rough start to the weekend.

Aperol Spritz

If you want to feel fancy as all get out while rinsing away the day’s grit and grime, whip up this three-ingredient Italian masterpiece. It has bitter undertones from a base of amaro, but club soda and sparkling wine lighten the whole thing up while giving it some real class. You’re not standing in a tub—you’re sipping in the sea spray off the coast of Capri.


The Margarita is a delightful sipper on a sunny afternoon, but when it comes to imbibing in the shower, our vote for best tequila cocktail goes to the humble Paloma. The sweet-tart-bitter blend is easy to nurse and taller than your typical Margarita, so it’ll last through each and every lather and scrub. Plus, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can try your hand at one of these equally shower-friendly variations.

Japanese Highball

For many, showering before bed is part of the routine—and you may not want a bright, citrusy cocktail right before hitting the hay. That’s where this two-ingredient classic comes in. While neat whisky is far too heavy for sipping and sudsing, this whisky-based highball will refresh as it satisfies your single malt craving.


While some people like to sing in the shower, others like to imagine they’re vacationing in a faraway place rather than bathing in a cramped studio apartment. If you’re one of those dreamers, we recommend throwing together a delightfully minty Mojito for your showertime needs. The herbal aroma will waft all around you, and make you feel like you’re sipping tropical cocktails on the beach in the Caribbean—at least until you step out on your cold tile floor and back into reality.