The 7 Best Bartenders to Follow on Instagram

Curating your Instagram feed so it includes the perfect mix of friends, family, cute animals and delicious food and drink takes time—so much so that sometimes you need a little help finding the perfect accounts. When it comes to cocktails, the best people to follow are those who spend their days and nights creating them: bartenders. Here are seven great Instagram accounts that will make your Insta feed so much boozier.

Melisa Lapido: @melis_boozy_cure

If colorful cocktail porn is your game, this Argentinian expat’s Instagram is exactly what you need. Lapido bartends at Ormond Beach cocktail bar 31 Supper Club in Florida and regularly posts photos of her elaborately garnished creations.

Tenzin Samdo: @bostonmixdrink

Samdo works as a mixologist at Trade in Boston and credits his Instagram account with getting him hired at his current gig. He posts photos of his often flora-laden masterpieces on his account, while also giving his followers a peek into the life as a Bostonian bartender.

Bob Peters: @bob_peters

By night, you can find Peters in The Punch Room at Charlotte, NC’s The Ritz-Carlton, and by day you can ogle at his swoon-worthy creations on Instagram. Whether he’s crafting carbonated Aviations or garnishing cocktails with a halo of almond-lace cookie, his boozy exploits are all exquisitely documented on his Insta account.

Though Jorge the bartender chooses to remain a little more anonymous on social media than some of his colleagues, the California-based mixologist isn’t shy about sharing his spiked concoctions. The best part is, sometimes he even shares the recipes.

Bobby Heugel: @bobby_heugel

Cocktails occasionally make an appearance on Heugel’s account, but the well-known Houston bartender and proprietor of Anvil, The Pastry War and Nightingale Room, is more inclined to share snapshots from his travels to Oaxaca and Paris or various aspects of his day to day bar life. Go ahead, live vicariously through this well-traveled bartender.

Charles Joly: @charlesjoly

For years, Charles Joly worked as a bartender and bar owner, becoming one of the best mixologists in the world. Now, he works as a consultant and educator, traveling all over the world to make drinks and do generally awesome things—like make cocktails for Anthony Bourdain. He often posts photos from his expeditions, but our favorite part of Joly’s Insta account is his ridiculously adorable rescued pit bull, Jackson.

Modern Bartender: @modernbartender

There are more great bartender accounts out there than we can even keep track of, so we suggest giving @modernbartender a follow to see even more drinks from bartenders around the world. This Insta account shares everything from photos of elegant cocktails in coupe glasses and Champagne flutes to drinks with impossibly cool garnishes.