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What to Drink According to Your Favorite Dog Breed

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Loyal, friendly and better than cats (there, I said it), dogs are in almost half the homes in the United States and undoubtedly in the Instagram feeds of the other half. There are more than 300 breeds of dog, each with its own unique personality and fans. And those fans have specific loves and desires that manifest themselves in drinks just as they do in canines. Here’s what you should drink if one of these 12 popular breeds is your favorite. And yes, we have all the dog pics.

Golden Retriever: Moscow Mule

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The Moscow Mule is friendly and simple, just like a golden retriever. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a deep abiding love for both.

German Shepherd: Martini

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Strong, and dare I say, handsome—that describes both the German shepherd and the Martini. And both are for people willing to put in the hours needed to master their dog or drink of choice.

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Like Midori Sours, many pugs come with some serious design flaws. But devoted pug fans don’t care what anyone else thinks of them, just as Midori Sour drinkers don’t hide when they’re enjoying their cocktail of choice. Although, with a bright green drink or a dog that snorts loud enough for the whole room to hear, it’s tough to avoid drawing attention to yourself.  

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Yeah, the name makes this one kind of a lay up, but the Frozen Margarita and Corona combination does have some bulldog characteristics. It’s strong, it’s a bit bulky and if you have a couple at a bar, you end up doing this.


Border Collie: Boulevardier

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The collie is smart, although not necessarily all that nice to strangers. The rye driven Boulevardier is for sipping and contemplation, although, like the Negroni, it is also quite bitter, which can make it unfriendly to those not already acquainted with it.

Beagle: Queen Bee

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Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they like being around other dogs and people. If you have one, you’re probably sociable too. So you should have a drink designed to share with a group, like this quick, easy punch.  

Labrador Retriever: Old Fashioned

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When it comes to dog breeds, the lab is trusty, sturdy and the most popular. Those three descriptors can be applied just as easily to the Old Fashioned. Also like the lab, everyone you know has had an Old Fashioned at some point.

Chinese Crested: Boilermaker

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Dropping a shot of whiskey in a pint of beer does not result in a very beautiful drink. And the Chinese Crested, well … there’s a reason one of them wins the World’s Ugliest Dog contest almost every year. But you don’t care that they aren’t pretty. In fact, that may make you love them even more.

Great Dane: Zombie Fishbowl

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If you’re willing to allow 200 pounds of great dane into your life, you clearly have a love of oversized things. The Zombie Fishbowl is large in both size and strength. It’s made with an entire cup (eight ounces) of alcohol. It might be the only thing in your house more powerful than your dog.  

Siberian Husky: Hot Toddy

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Both the dog and the drink do best in the cold. And as any longtime lover of huskies will attest, spending time with either one will warm you from the inside.


It’s possible that the Queen of England owns more than 85 percent of the world’s corgis. So what should someone who loves the best friend of the British monarchy drink? The Queen’s favorite cocktail of course. QEII, like her mother before her, is a huge fan of this stirred gin drink.

Poodle: Pink Gin


Sure, a glass of Pink Gin might look pretty and foofy, but that belies the fact that 95 percent of the drink is just gin. So it is with the poodle: Thought of by many as a dog carried around in purses or with hairdos held up in bows, the poodle is actually very intelligent and not to messed with. But if you’re a poodle lover, you already knew that.