What Your Go-To Mixer Says About You

We all have our go-to mixers; and which liquid you choose to splash into a plastic cup of vodka or gin says a lot about you. Asking someone about their favorite mixer is like asking someone what they’d take with them if their house was on fire: It gives you a little insight into who they are really are. So, in the spirit of boozy introspection, here is what your go-to mixer says about you.

Club Soda: You Have to Be in Control

Club soda-lovers have to have their wits about them. You enjoy a fun, spritzy cocktail, but prefer to get your fizz from something with no ABV—rather than Champagne or beer. That’s not to say you aren’t fun at parties, but no one expects to see you dancing on the bar top. You like a good party, but you also want to remember it too.

Pineapple Juice: You Can’t Get Enough Summer

You love all things fun in the sun and look to pineapple juice to inject a little bit of summer into any boozy drink—no matter the time of year. You’re always laid back, fun to be around and usually sporting flip-flops. You feel most at home with your toes in the sand on a beach, surrounded by tiki torches, with a Piña Colada in hand.

Coke: You’re a Nostalgic Type

If you always reach for Coca-Cola Classic, you probably carry a heavy sense of nostalgia. You appreciate your roots and remember how that first sip of Coke made you feel as a kid. You have a true sense of who you are, where you’re from and what you’re going to drink (probably a Jack and Coke).


Red Bull: You’re the Life of the Party

If you’re tossing vodka or Jägermeister into Red Bull, there’s no beating around the bush: You’re a party animal. Maybe you’re a hard-working suit-and-tie professional in need of an outlet, or your college partying phase was never a “phase” at all. While the club soda-lovers are nodding to the beat, you’re on the table playing air guitar. Always the life of the party, the Red Bull mixers are constantly looking to take the night to the next level.

Cranberry Juice: You Appreciate the Finer Things

Cranberry juice-lovers are partial to anything that comes at a premium. While you’re not stuck up and you certainly don’t look down on others, you simply cannot stomach something as mediocre as a cola-based cocktail or as blah as soda water. If you’re coming to the party, your friends know to have a jug of (good) cranberry juice handy—or face the consequences.

Gatorade: You’re Forward-Thinking and Efficient

Some might deem Gatorade-lovers to be immature or trashy, but we know who you really are. You’re a forward-thinking, highly functional drinker. You know you’re in for a long night and an even longer morning, so you start electrolyte-loading early. You want to make sure that while you are getting intoxicated, you are also getting hydrated. That’s efficient drinking.

Artem Shadrin/Shutterstock

Orange Juice: You Go With the Flow

Orange juice is cheap, packed with vitamins and sweet enough to make any liquor palatable—and it’s almost always hiding in the back of someone’s fridge. If you always pick OJ, you’re chill and low maintenance—you don’t even care about pulp levels. You’re just trying to hang out and have a good time.

Coffee: You’re Always “On”

Everyone knows at least on person who is always full of energy, eager to talk and remembers every minute detail of your last conversation. Well, that’s you, the coffee-lover, and you make the world go round. And while many of you are naturally that energetic, that doesn’t mean you don’t welcome a little caffeinated fuel with your booze.

Ginger Beer/Ale: You’re Experienced

Those who throw well booze into a cup of ginger ale just get it. You’ve been around the block a few times now, you’ve been hurt before, and you came out the other side wiser—and with a taste for spicy ginger beer. When you show up to a party, you never come empty-handed. You know to bring beer, and a few secretly stashed cans of Canada Dry for yourself.