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Drinking Faux Pas to Avoid at the Bar

Whether you’re hanging out with new friends, meeting a colleague from work, or going on a hot first date, your behavior at the bar can make a big first impression. We asked people about their biggest drinking pet peeves—so you know which behaviors to avoid. Here’s what they had to say:

“I don't like when someone scoffs at someone else's drink. What do you care? You don't have to drink it. Put your own drink in your face and quiet down.” — Nick M.

“It’s the worst when people I’m with openly judge my order. I really enjoy drinking wine, but that doesn’t sit well with my friends who go out to drink harder stuff. If I want to get tipsy on wine, let me get tipsy on wine!” — Alexandra M.

“I hate when people buy a round of tequila shots for the table, but don’t ask for salt and limes.” — Lauren R.

“I hate when you’re standing at the bar waiting for a drink, and someone comes and stands next to you, and they immediately get the attention of the bartender but they don’t politely let you order first.” — Matt K.

“It bothers me if someone doesn't share. Like, if someone orders a drink and raves about it every time they take a sip, but then doesn’t let you taste it. It's like going to a tapas restaurant and refusing to share.” — Dillon M.

“I hate when people make a stank face after taking a shot. If you don't like it, don't do it.” — Jane S.

“I think it’s rude when you go out with another person, and you order a completely normal drink, but your friend or date orders something ridiculously enormous. Then I’m left to stretch out my reasonably-sized drink to match your massive Margarita or huge stein of beer. Or I’m forced to order multiple rounds, or else awkwardly sit there with an empty glass.” — Charlotte W.

“When people reach across the bar for garnishes or touches all of the unwrapped straws with their dirty hands—that’s so gross.” — Amanda G.

It's a real turn-off when someone makes a blanket refusal to try new things. I get that sometimes you just want to drink a familiar Old Fashioned or Bud Light, but constantly refusing to just have a taste of a spirit or cocktail because it ‘sounds weird’ or whatever the reason may be is super lame. Back away from the cheap lager and live a little.” — Anna A.

“My friends will make mixed drinks for guests at home without ice—ones that definitely need ice. That’s weird. Use ice.” — Bruce W.

“My sister, god bless her, will not order a beer without tasting at least three to five beforehand. I understand that you want to like what you order, but this is choosing a beer, not a wedding dress.” — Zoe B.

“People who switch what kind of alcohol they are drinking, and then complain later that they don’t feel well—that’s your fault for mixing too many things.” — Kacie F.  

"When people ask for ice in their wine at the bar—you're in public. Pretend you are an adult." — Fiona A.

“Someone who doesn't drink. Unless there are medical reasons behind the choice to abstain from drinking, there's just no good reason not to indulge in one of life's greatest pleasures.” — Kevin S.