13 Outrageously Funny Keg Tapping Fails

Tapping a keg is one of those surprisingly difficult tasks that you’re never fully prepared to do the first time. It’s an essential part of adulting that receives no attention in typical parent-child instruction or college courses, so it’s no surprise that tons of people completely mess it up. And thanks to the magic of the internet, these hilarious blunders are on display for all to see. Here, a bunch of videos of people totally failing to tap a keg. May you learn from their mistakes.

All Over His Lederhosen

I Don’t Think That’s a Leak, Dude

A Swing and a Miss

Wearing the Keg

Slip ‘N Slide

Losing the Mallet Wasn’t a Great Sign

A Teeny Tiny Fail for a Teeny Tiny Keg

Mardi Gras Aftermath

Laugh Tracks Make Everything Better...

...but Ominous Slo-mo Laugh Tracks Don’t

There Goes the Garden Party

There’s No Redemption

Successful Explosion, but RIP Beer