7 Funniest Themed Bar Crawls of All Time

When it comes to bar crawls, most people are perfectly happy drinking for the sake of drinking—no theme required. While that’s definitely the simpler (some might say … boring) way to go about it, the only way to take an ordinary bar crawl to legendary status is by having a killer theme, and ideally, mandatory costumes. Not buying it? Take inspiration from these seven awesome bar crawls from the past that each had their own hilarious theme, and make sure your next bar crawl not only goes off without a hitch, but is also one to remember.

Monopoly Board Pub Crawl

London, UK

The official Monopoly Board Pub Crawl started in 2007 and takes place in London at each of the 26 locations featured on the British Monopoly board. The Monopoly game locations refer to streets, stations and buildings throughout London, and this guide contains pub locations in each area. To add a further challenge, the creator of the crawl suggests having a different drink at all 26 bars beginning with a different letter of the alphabet (suggestions for drinks are included on the website as well). Watching crawlers take part in this event is usually a hilarious sight, as people often dress up as the iconic metal pieces (dibs on the thimble), red and green houses and, of course, the Monopoly man himself.

Pug Crawl

Portland, OR

Pugs are adorably funny creatures to look at with their roly-poly bodies, bulgy eyes and permanently over-your-nonsense expressions. This bar crawl in Portland, Oregon, showcases the weird beauty of the pug, encouraging owners to parade their pugs in silly costumes, have a beer from Portland Brewing, enjoy live entertainment and food, then hit the bars. All proceeds benefit the Oregon Humane Society, and, as if being a good person isn’t enough, the crawl has a theme that changes every year―the most recent one was “Pugs on Broadway,” which led to many a Hamil-pug.

Clown Crawl

Charlotte, NC

Despite the innocuous-sounding name “Clown Crawl,” this annual Charlotte event is actually an evil clown crawl. That means IT lookalikes descending in mass, fulfilling the worst nightmare of all coulrophobes. The event was created by Charlotte’s “resident evil clown” Martin Barry, as he puts it, and brings fellow evil clowns through the city, presumably all in one car.

7-Legged Bar Crawl

Nottingham, UK

The devious students of the University of Nottingham in England created this annual event, which is surely the bane of every local and cab driver. Over 7,000 students band together, tying their legs together in groups of six, with the seventh group member being the “designated drink-getter” for the more crowded bars. Teams also typically pick a costume theme and crawl through 15 bars joined at the ankle.


Atlanta, GA

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19 (in case you didn’t know), and in Atlanta, PiratePalooza takes place on the weekend closest to the date. Described as the “ultimate inland meeting of pirates, buccaneers, rascals, rogues, scoundrels, ruffians and scalawags this side of the bounding main,” this bar crawl requires all participants to wear pirate gear or other seafaring costumes, talk like a pirate, and drink lots and lots of rum at all of the bars on the trail. People usually take it to the next level, building cardboard pirate boats to carry around the town, so don’t worry about going overboard.

Snuggie Pub Crawl

Various Cities

Sometimes the simplest theme can be the funniest, and in the case of the Snuggie Crawl, that couldn’t be more true. This bar crawl, informally held in cities all around the world, has all participants wearing the same Snuggie outfit, the as-seen-on-TV sensation that is essentially a blanket with sleeves. It’s a ridiculous sight to see everyone in the droopy fleece warmers holding beers and definite social media fodder. And no, knockoff Slankets are NOT allowed.


London, UK

Every Easter, revellers in London celebrate the rising of Jesus by rising themselves, bright and early for a bar crawl dressed as the Good Shepherd. While some may find the affair controversial, the attendees take it all in good fun, dressing up as various takes on Jesus, Mary and his disciples. Some even go as far as carrying their own crosses, while others take swigs of wine along the trail of biblically-named Christathon pubs—praising the Lord (and alcohol).

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