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The Most Insane Stock Pictures of Bartenders

Looking at stock photography is like peeking into a parallel dimension, one where cats drive mopeds and deliver pizzas and women have to choose between salad and boxing. This parallel dimension is also home to an eclectic cast of bartenders who yell at their drinks, lose their shirts for no apparent reason and love nothing more than to feel the wind through their hair. Take a second and get to know these stock bartenders; they may not bring you pizza like everyone’s favorite delivery kitten (Why is there more than one picture of that?), but they will help inspire tonight’s cocktail hour.

Who’s got one earring and is down to party? This guy!

This is today’s Mona Lisa. 


Ground control to Major Tom Collins.

You cheeky devil, are you putting in another orange slice?

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.

Craig forgot his shirt...again.

Mariah Carey wishes her hair would flow like this.

How did we get here?

Giant hands or tiny shaker?

Blue drink! Check it out!

It’s all good in the giant hand hood.

Ta da!

What exactly is he trying to do with his hand?

Where do his sideburns end and my dreams start?