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Chill Out With These 13 Brilliant Beer Koozies

Koozies aren’t just for keeping your beer cool—they’re also for making you look cool. There’s a perfect koozie out there for every event, shindig and BYO outing, so there’s no need to settle for a basic beer holder. Say goodbye to warm brews, and seize well-insulated life with one of these brilliant beer koozies.

BYO Shark Week

For true fin-thusiasts, it’s Shark Week all year round. This shark bite koozie is perfect for a Sharknado binge fest, or for keeping a beverage cold while you watch others narrowly avoid becoming shark food on YouTube.
Shark Bite Can Coolie ($9)

Bacon Before All Else

Bacon is a natural pairing for almost any brew. While it may be difficult to take your bacon on the go without it melting into a limp meat puddle, you can honor your favorite crispy strips anywhere with this bacon-themed koozie.
Bacon Beer Novelty Bottle Cover ($21)


Keep your mitts warm and your beer cold with this patriotic glove-koozie combo. On frigid days, the Suzy Kuzy will keep your hands toasty enough for any outdoor patriotic activity—namely, drinking beer.
Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt ($13)

Popeye’s Favorite

Take a tip from the sailor man and impress your own Olive (or Oliver) Oyl by pretending to chug down your super greens. As we all know, booze fuels true feats of strength.
Spinach Can Koozie ($8)

Let the Koozie Win

You should definitely drink your Star Wars-themed cocktails from an appropriate tiki mug, but for movie brewskis, opt for this furry Chewbacca koozie instead. We promise it won’t make your beer taste like a fuzzball, but if you’re still worried, you could always get this R2-D2 cooler ($12) instead.
ICUP Star Wars Chewbacca Fur Cool Cup Holder ($9)

All Knit Up

Don’t assume knitters can’t party. These knit koozies encase beers in a variety of bright colors, livening up any ice cold can. Choose a different color for every evening of the week, or help guests find their drinks at a party by distributing color-coded covers at the door.
Crochet Can Cozy ($7)

Cooling Solo Cups

The Solo cup has become an icon of frat parties and day drinking, probably because it’s required for some of the best drinking games of all time. Yet, while the plastic party staple is handy and disposable, it’s not great for keeping your beverage cold. Get all the same red cup fun in a temperature-controlled package.
Red Cup Koozie Set ($15 for 2)

Engineered for Partying

You trust a thermos with keeping your morning coffee hot, so why not give your beer the same treatment? This stainless steel model from the Thermos brand utilizes vacuum insulation to maintain icy conditions 10 times longer than if you left your can koozie-less.
Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator ($10)

Western Flair

Skip the chaps. Channel the Wild Wild West with these cowhide leather covers and instantly feel transported to the desert or prairie of your particular cowboy fantasy.
Cowhide Leather Beer Insulator ($29)

Ugly Chic

Sport your ugly Christmas sweater aesthetic all year round with these Christmas sweater-style koozies. Because all you want for Christmas is booze.
Coolie Junction Christmas Sweater Can Coolie ($7)

Technical Bottle Protector

BottleKeeper not only insulates a full bottle in a tough steel package, it also disguises your bottle as a run-of-the-mill water bottle for clandestine drinking. It’s way classier than a paper bag, it’ll insulate your beer, and it’ll prevent broken glass from flying everywhere, should you encounter an accident on your travels.
BottleKeeper ($30)

Float Down the River

What would an afternoon on a boat be without a boat beer? Boring as hell—that’s what. Outfit yourself and your beer with a floatie to keep both drink and drinker topside. (Stylish) safety first.
Floating Flamingo Inflates Coasters ($10 for 12)

Koozie for Kool Kats

Only the koolest of kats can sport this koozie. It may not offer any cutting edge technology to protect or chill your can, but what it lacks in technical ability, it makes up for with style. Buy it for your favorite cat lady, or don your shades and sip with attitude.
Cool Kitty Cat Koozie ($7)