17 Memes That Accurately Describe the Stages of a Hangover


They say there are three things you can’t help but experience in life: dying, paying taxes and waking up with at least one grueling hangover that’ll make you swear off drinking forever. When that last one (arguably the worst) happens, you’ll go through the same stages endured by every other boozer before you who flew too close to the sun. A hangover is like grief if all seven stages were you just bargaining that you’ll never touch alcohol again if it means your headache will go away. But you can’t let your hangover win. Here are 17 memes to help get you through every stage of your worst hangover, so you can hop right back on that horse.

Still out partying, you start to feel déjà vu of the last time you went this hard.

Then the feeling of impending doom hits you on your way home.

You wake up at 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom knowing the worst is yet to come.

A few hours later, you wake up for real, cursing your lack of foresight.

You reach for your phone and cringe when you realize you texted your ex last night.

Then you start to remember all of the other stupid things you did.

You try to lie to the friends you had brunch plans with, but they know you too well.

You jump in the shower and try to wash away the pain.

That doesn’t work, so you fire up Seamless.

Your food arrives, and you start to remember what happiness feels like.

But eating greasy food just makes you feel more nauseous.

So you try a little hair of the dog to see if that helps anything.

It doesn’t.

You decide you need fresh air and, most importantly, coffee.

The barista asks if you are still drunk, but you don’t have time for judgment.

You finally start to feel better, until you open up Facebook.

But then your best friend asks if your down to go out again tonight, and you prove that you’ve learned nothing.

Mark Yocca/Supercall