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15 Funny Tote Bags to Show How Much You Love Booze

If you’re the type to keep a flask of whiskey in your purse for emergencies, it’s high time you started wearing your love of booze loud and proud. There’s no better way than by sporting a quirky alcohol-themed tote bag. Not only are totes convenient for hauling bottles from the liquor store to your bar cart, but they also make great affordable gifts for a bridal party or fellow drinks lover. Here, 15 of our favorite booze-themed tote bags.

Vodka always gets the job done.

Hakuna Mimosa ($7)

When you’re hardcore and you know it.


Bad and boozy ($19)

For dedicated gin-thusiasts.

Will flirt for gin ($18)

Cocktails make everything better.

Negroni tote bag ($39)

When wine is your number one priority.

Wine emergency ($10)

Warning: This tote will make you thirsty.


Badger tote bag ($16)

Be honest with yourself.