Hilarious Wine Memes to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Things change, friends come and go, you never quite know where to place your trust. But wine—wine will always be there; wine will never let you down. If you are an intensely devoted wino, whether your go-to choice is red, white, rosé, sparkling or a little bit of everything, these wine memes are guaranteed to make you laugh. So in honor of National Drink Wine Day—a real holiday on February 18 (employers take note)pop open a bottle, pour yourself a glass of vino (or an extra boozy winetail like Sangria), and tuck into these 10 hilarious wine memes.

When you have a very particular set of skills

Decisions, decisions

When people underestimate your abilities


*Stares down wine aisle* “You complete me.”

Serious Therapy/Instagram

When you are very serious about pairing food and wine

Last Bottle Wines

For all the serious wine hipsters out there

Last Bottle Wines

Any glass can be a wine glass if you just believe

When you can’t be friends with people who don’t like wine

Last Bottle Wines

It’s all about setting realistic goals

When you order wine by the glass