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How to Drink Like Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character


The characters on Game of Thrones drink a lot of the same wine and ale, but they don’t all drink it in the same way. Given that every character has a thorough backstory, it’s fair to say that each has a unique drinking style too—which is one of the few ways GOT actually resembles the real world. That said, drinking habits are something you might actually share with your favorite character (unless you also have an extremely unstable love life or serious bloodlust). Here, which Game of Thrones character you most resemble, according to your drinking habits.

If you like to play games with your drink: Tyrion Lannister

When you drink as much wine as Tyrion does, you tend to get bored simply sipping from the flagon. So it’s only natural that both of you turn to drinking contests to keep things interesting. While he doesn’t go in for Braavosi knife games, Tyrion does enjoy a good game of wits. Consider yourself a true disciple of the Imp if you like a good drinking card game over any meat-headed game of flip cup.

If you prefer a Martini power lunch: Cersei Lannister

No one can deliver a death glare over the rim of her glass quite like Cersei. In meetings with advisors and adversaries, she sips more as a rhetorical tactic than for relief, something like the suited three-Martini lunchers who clog New York’s high-end restaurants. Anyone who prefers to do business over drinks knows how to navigate the shifting dynamics as one round becomes two becomes three. If she was transported to midtown Manhattan, you better believe Cersei would have dominion over the Four Seasons dining room in no time.

If you love a fiery drink: Daenerys Targaryen

Anyone who questions Dany’s reign tends to end up with a face full of fire. The Mother of Dragons is unharmed by the element, and while you may not have her flame-retardant skin, you do take after Daenerys’ affinity for the inferno. You believe the flaming lime round is key to a true Scorpion Bowl, you’ve drunk your way through every notable flaming cocktail in the country, and you can even set a shot on fire at home without burning down the house.

If you get mopey when you drink: Jon Snow

When Melisandre resurrected Jon Snow, she really missed an opportunity to inject some life into his personality. Jon’s held a lot of titles, but he's been a Debbie Downer through it all—so we wouldn't be surprised to see him moping into his ale. Pull up a stool next to the sullen Snow if you prefer your whiskey with a chaser of pessimistic whining.

If you sneak drinks when no one is looking: Arya Stark

Swift as a cat, quiet as a shadow, you go where you choose with your beverage. Whether that involves taking it on the go in a secret flask or devising an ingenious sneaky drink hack to avoid ridiculous booze prices at an event, you know that it’s more effective to be stealthy with your drinks than to fight the man head-on.

If you can wolf bite your way into a can of beer: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

The Hound isn’t much for small talk (talkers just make him thirsty), and you too prefer to communicate with your drinking skills. There are a lot of ways to open a beer, but if your preferred method is wolf biting through the side of the can before downing the exploding brew in a few seconds, you might just get a look of respect from The Hound’s wrinkly face.

If you like showing the boys who’s boss: Brienne of Tarth

Drinking like a lady is for other women. You’ll drink like you, thanks very much. You’ve spent all your life knocking men into the dust with your lightning drinking speed and serious stamina, and you deserve some respect for your efforts. Challenges to your honor will be met with extreme drinking games or trials by combat (in the form of overproof spirits).

If you prefer to get cozy at home with a Hot Buttered Rum: Samwell Tarly

Grab yourself a tome from the Citadel library, get cozy with a thick (preferably sheepskin) blanket and brew up a crock pot full of apple cider because you’re staying in tonight (and every night). You know the best plans are no plans. Others might feel sorry for you, but you’re probably happier chilling than any of them are out on the town.

If you get way too philosophical after a few rounds: Bran Stark

You claim you can see everything that’s ever happened to everyone and everything that’s happening right now. But when you say it with a strong slur, it doesn’t come off as profound. You’re not the Three Eyed Raven. You’re Paul. Please try to remember that.