This Company Will Actually Pay You For Your Poop

Published On 05/07/2015 Published On 05/07/2015

Your spam inbox is filled with "Get rich quick!" promises. Well, it seems that one company has finally delivered on the dream. OpenBiome is a nonprofit organization that'll take your healthy stool samples for $40 a po(o)p, turning them into C. difficile bacteria-fighting pills. Now don't you wish your job was actually sh*tty?


The only caveat to becoming one of the lucky donors? Making the cut is "more difficult than getting into MIT," and involves an extensive health screening process. Once you're in though, you're on your way to making up to $250 every week, or $13,000 a year. Not bad for a side gig we all do for free. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and coffee makes her poop. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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