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8 Signs You’re a True Gin & Tonic Drinker

Gin and tonic are your Alpha and Omega. The soda and booze duo are the only liquids that ever touch your lips. Your home bar is just bottle after bottle of gins and tonics in one beautiful altar to the best darn cocktail in the world. Simply put, you’re a fan of the G&T—but that doesn’t mean you’re a bona fide superfan. But if you can attest to all of these G&T habits, you can call yourself a true Gin & Tonic drinker.

You Only Drink Craft Tonic...

You avoid the soda gun like the plague and trash talk generic grocery store tonic brands. Only the best craft tonic, like Fever Tree or Fentimans, makes it into your glass. Tonic isn’t just a supporting player in your G&T. But you savor the bitter soda while keeping the ratio in check so that your preferred gin can shine.

...And That Tonic is Always Cold

Room temp tonic is a rookie mistake. You always have a four-pack of tonic chilling in your G&T fridge. What? You don’t have a dedicated G&T fridge?

You Believe a G&T is the Perfect Place for High-End Gin

Let lesser drinkers buy up all the bottom shelf gin. Your eyes float to the top shelf at the liquor store just like the bubbles in your G&T rise to your awaiting palate. A seriously quality London Dry, an extra junipery spirit, and an American-style gin all have their place on your G&T bar, but all the bottlings are far from basic.

You Can Debate the Merits of Various Tonic and Gin Pairings

You know that the G&T’s simple recipe makes it harder to perfect, not easier. Pairing the right gin with the right tonic is what separates a good Gin & Tonic from a great one. More neutral Plymouth gin, for example, mixes well with more flavorful tonics, while Navy Strength gin shines best over sturdy yet mellow tonic.

You Drink Your G&T From a Massive Goblet...

The Spaniards have figured out that Gin & Tonics taste best out of oversized goblets, which channel the aromatics of your chosen brands through your nose and into the dedicated G&T receptors in your brain.

...But You Also Have a Set of G&T Highballs

They’re monogrammed, they’re perfect for entertaining outdoors, and their bases are heavy enough to muddle fresh fruit so everyone at your garden party can enjoy a seasonal version of your favorite cocktail.

Everything in Your House Smells Like Gin & Tonics

The aroma of Gin & Tonic scented candles wafts through your home like waves of citrusy, piney heaven. You emerge from the bathroom smelling of your fave cocktail after washing with G&T soap. You even style your old timey mustache with Gin & Tonic mustache wax and infuse Gin & Tonics into your beauty routine with Collagin G&Ts.

You Make Your Own Gin and Your Own Tonic Water

Your palate is so sensitive to the miniscule details in a G&T that you have even crafted your own ingredients to satisfy your tastes. Your custom gin blend is fine-tuned to the exact juniper berry, and your custom tonic is on tap for quick refills.