9 Bottles Under $25 We’d Love to Get as Gifts

Courtesy of Laird's

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to buy the perfect gift for the booze enthusiast in your life. As spirit lovers (and some might even say snobs), we here at Supercall can confirm that there are some seriously gift-worthy bottlings out there that come in at $25 or less. To prove our point (and drop a few hints for our friends and family), we rounded up a few of our favorites. Here, Supercall’s wish list of ultra-affordable spirits.

“This whiskey is such a crowd-pleaser. I always have a bottle on-hand because it's good enough for the snobs and smooth enough for the whiskey newbies. Plus, the label and branding is cool, so it looks really nice on a liquor shelf or bar cart. The mini cans ($5) make for great stocking stuffers, too.” — Amanda Gabriele, Senior Editor

“It's very dual purpose: great for cocktails but also a sipping rum. As a gift, it’s an opportunity to introduce someone to something new because rum, being a less popular spirit, is rarely someone’s go-to. If I’m at a liquor store, I’m going to be more likely to pick up a new bottle of whiskey or tequila, so it’s also nice to add diversity to a home bar.” — Jess Lazar, Social Video Producer

“I’m always happy to get a bottle of amaro. It works in cocktails with practically anything. Additionally, this is one that I love to sip on as is. It has subtle sweet red pepper notes, which I find myself thinking about sometimes.” — Jess Lazar, again (now you have two options, Jess’ friends and family)

Fernet-Branca ($17 for 375 mL)

“Anyone who buys me fernet either gets down with the funky spirit and we can bond over that, or loves me for the beautiful butterfly of a drinker that I am even if they personally hate fernet. Also, I don't go through it very quickly, so a half bottle is perfect.” — Nicholas Mancall-Bitel, Assistant Editor

“My friends always know to get me Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. It's my favorite whiskey to drink straight because it's sweet. The bottle always lasts me a long time since I sip it rather than doing shots like I normally would with whiskey (haha).” — Marisa Chafetz, Art Assistant

“It tastes like bourbons that cost twice the price (it's essentially a younger and more brazen Basil Hayden's) and it is extremely useful during the holiday season—whether I want to mix the fam a Boulevardier or drink it straight out of the bottle.” — Dillon Mafit, Staff Writer

“One of a vanishingly small number of blanco tequilas that I legitimately enjoy drinking straight—it also makes a delightful Margarita. Plus, the squat, skeleton-covered bottle makes an interesting show piece to leave out on the bar.” — Noah Kaufman, Managing Editor

“I love having a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 on hand. It tastes phenomenal neat, with a drop or two of water, or over a large rock, and it gives sweeter whiskey cocktails a little edge. That said, I rarely buy it for myself. It’s a delicious whiskey that feels special to drink, looks respectable to serve, and you don’t have to stress about rationing every last drop.” — Laura Reilly, Assistant Editor

“This seriously old-school all-American spirit is shockingly cheap considering the quality of the liquid within the bottle. It’s also way more versatile than you would ever think—you can use as a substitution for both Cognac and bourbon. Plus it puts a cozy fall spin on pretty much anything it touches. If you buy it for someone else, I guarantee they’ll think you spent way more than you did. Use that extra cash to buy yourself a bottle.” — Justine Sterling, Executive Editor