Healthy Hangover Cures From Bartenders Who Know Them Best

While plenty of bartenders swear by hair-of-the-dog remedies and fatty breakfast feasts, others take a healthier approach to curing nausea from a hangover (and the hangover in general). From holistic approaches to effective hydration, these are the best good(ish)-for-you hangover cures developed by bartenders.  

Fluids and Pho

Kat Desonier, ViewHouse Eatery
Centennial, CO

"​If you've failed to prep yourself before bed after a hefty night of drinking, ​immediately head to your nearest grocery store and grab a coconut water and some Pedialyte. Once you're able to keep down fluids,​ my personal go-to is always pho. It's my adult version of chicken noodle soup!"

Leche de Tigre

Tomislav Lokvicic, Tanta
Chicago, IL

“The acidic, life-giving marinade in all Peruvian cebiche dishes, Leche de Tigre, a well-known hangover-cure, is made with fish and/or shellfish stock, fresh citrus, herbs, onion, garlic, and cilantro. In Peru, they eat cebiche for ‘brunch’ to take advantage of the hangover relief the dish brings, and at Tanta, we add it to our Bloody Mary mix. Sometimes, people will even do a shot of Leche de Tigre after an especially hard night for maximum effect.”

Kate Andrews/Flickr

Coconut Water and Pancakes

Johnny Swet, JIMMY at The James
New York, NY

“My go-to hangover cure involves chugging a quart of coconut water with three Advil, followed by a big serving of pancakes at Denny’s—24 hour pancakes is necessary somedays!”

A Quick Pep Talk

Daniel Beedle, Indian Accent
New York, NY

“My hangover cure is ibuprofen, drinking lots of coconut water and quietly reassuring myself that it will never happen again. Followed by brunch and then sleep.”

Pedialyte, Pedialyte and More Pedialyte

Rob Ficks, Craigie On Main
Cambridge, MA

"When I was in Tequila recently, a Pedialyte before I went to bed and a Pedialyte when I woke up put me in surprisingly good shape to tackle the next day."

Apple Juice with a Splash of Water

Meaghan Montagano, La Sirena
New York, NY

“My hangover cures vary according to my hungover state. The best cure-all is apple juice, with a splash of water to help wake you up. If you drink just straight water when you wake up with an epic hangover, it will make you feel more nauseated.”

Room Temperature Water and B12

Jeremy Adona, L.A. Jackson
Nashville, TN

“Hangovers are one of my least favorite things on the planet. While hydration and sleep are the true remedies, some of us don't have the luxury of ‘nursing’ a hangover. Here is my quick fix: Two large glasses of room temperature water with lemon; a heavy dose of B12, taken sublingually; a meal full of carbs and fat (my go-to is a cheeseburger); and caffeine, either black coffee or a Mexican Coke.”

erik forsberg/flickr

Ginger Juice and BC Powder

Bill Brooks, The Cannibal Liquor House
New York, NY

“My best hangover cure is a shot of ginger juice and a BC powder. The BC powder is the best—it tastes terrible but has four times the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, plus a couple of headache medications. It gives you the jolt you need to get going.”

Nutritional Yeast

David Osenbach, Providence
Los Angeles, CA

“Nutritional yeast is my go-to hangover cure. You can buy it at Whole Foods and it looks like this weird, yellowish brown flaky powder. You’re supposed to take it and sprinkle it on your popcorn, because it has this kind of parmesan flavor. But it’s loaded with B vitamins, so after a night of indulging, you just take a big spoonful of nutritional yeast and try to swallow it and then chase it with a glass of water.”

Veggies, Lots of Veggies

Christian Villalta, Bayou Bar
New Orleans, LA

“Here’s what I do and why: Start with a powdered greens (fruits, veggies) drink that can replenish lost vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and gut flora (which can alleviate an upset stomach). I follow that with a veggie pho with beef broth. The beef broth has a greater variety of salts and minerals that keep your hydrating game going, while the veggies are easier for an upset stomach to digest. Plus, the vermicelli provide an easily digestible simple carbohydrate source to help you get some energy to move around again.”

A Sweaty Workout

Kalliopi Nikou, Marsh House and L.A. Jackson
Nashville, TN

“Sweat it out. Sweat it out as fast as you can, however you can. Get your heart rate up. Go for a run, get your body moving, have someone else get your body moving. But, sweat it out. Best to do this during that quick window of time when you wake up still drunk and don't want to die yet.”